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  • Time For A New Home? Colonising Mars

    With plans to set up a permanent colony on the moon, the human race is finally realising its dreams of space colonization. But why stop at our nearest[...]

  • Another SuperVolcano Found

    North America isn't the only continent that's experienced super-colossal volcanic eruptions in the recent geologic past. The massive ex[...]

  • $1 Million for Arsenic Filter

    An epidemiologist from the University of California at Berkley recently won $1 Million dollars for developing a system to filter arsenic from well wat[...]

  • Our Community Reaches a BIG Milestone of 500 members

    This is great, we have grown to 500 members in just under 4 months... if you haven't been watching TV then this is just another strong signal that mor[...]

  • Some Biofuels Do More Harm than Good

    Biodiesel enthusiasts have called biodiesel "green gold," claiming that it reduces carbon dioxide emissions and is totally renewable. To a certain ex[...]

  • Extending Life... Live forever

    OXFORD (Reuters) - Modern medicine is redefining old age and may soon allow people to live regularly beyond the current upper limit of [...]

  • Mexico discovers 'huge' oil field

    Mexican President Vicente Fox speaks in front of the Noxal 1 deep water drilling platform Mexican President Vicente Fox has announced [...]

  • Supertankers of the Future Will Carry Water, Not Oil

    In the midst of the buzz over the latest U.N. report on global warming, a related U.N. study, scheduled for release in April but leaked early to the p[...]

  • A Continent Splits Apart

    Normally new rivers, seas and mountains are born in slow motion. The Afar Triangle near the Horn of Africa is another story. A new oce[...]


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