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  • Starting With Solar

    Most of us cannot feasibly afford to install a full solar power system into our homes. Energy Refuge suggests starting small. One solar panel and a se[...]

  • Earth Power is Cheap and Clean

    "Heat mining" in the United States could provide a large proportion of the country's energy cheaply and with with few environmental impacts, according[...]

  • Bush Urged to Enforce Climate Change Action

    After the State of the Union Address, major industry executives have urged President George Bush to enforce mandatory limits to help reduce climate-ch[...]

  • Micro-Generation

    Living off grid can be comfortable, as homes in a 16-square-mile area of Decorah, Iowa know. Supplementing energy needs using the powers of the Earth[...]

  • Killer Whales Forced into Northern Canada

    Global warming and melting ice caps are forcing many Killer Whales to the northern reaches of Canada and are competing for foot with the native Inuit [...]

  • 250,000 People Helped with Climate Change Study

    Over 250,000 people recently downloaded a software program from and helped calculate how slight variations could affect climate [...]

  • Turtles Saved By Tropical Vacation

    An arctic blast of cold in an arm of the Golf of Mexico caused sea turtles bodies to start shutting down and 36 washed ashore. They were revived by a [...]

  • The beavers are back: Bronx River cleanup pays off

    After a multi-million dollar cleanup effort the Bronx River, which for years was a polluted slough, is finally healthy enough to bring back one of its[...]

  • 8000mpg Car Unveiled and guess what it's only £2,000

    The world's most fuel-efficient vehicle has been unveiled by its British inventor. Andy Green, 45, from the University of Bath, be[...]


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  • Personal Power: Wind Turbines at Home

    Look up there, on the rooftop! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a wind-powered whirlybird! Many of you may have seen wind farms or heard of wind pow[...]

  • Company finds a way to run Cars on Water!!

    This is quite interesting using what they call HH2 gas, this company is working on using water to power cars or weld things. Currently [...]

  • Prehistoric Shark like creature spotted in Japan

    A new species of shark has been just been discovered by Japanese fishermen. The shark's natural habitat is six hundred meters under the sea which make[...]

  • The Advantages of a Reel Lawn Mower

    My father was not prone to swearing in front of children, and there were only two times I can remember him letting loose with a malediction. The first[...]

  • Finding Biodiesel

    This winter has, so far, been one of the warmest in memory in Ottawa, Canada. In a city known for its snow, cold temperatures, and being home to a 10[...]