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  • Earth Power is Cheap and Clean

    "Heat mining" in the United States could provide a large proportion of the country's energy cheaply and with with few environmental impacts, according[...]

  • Bush Urged to Enforce Climate Change Action

    After the State of the Union Address, major industry executives have urged President George Bush to enforce mandatory limits to help reduce climate-ch[...]

  • 8000mpg Car Unveiled and guess what it's only £2,000

    The world's most fuel-efficient vehicle has been unveiled by its British inventor. Andy Green, 45, from the University of Bath, be[...]

  • Big Wheels for Little Cars

    Chemists build the world’s smallest auto dealership, molecule by molecule. No toy models, these cars actually drive The most prol[...]

  • Tsunami... this is Japan's Answer

    "It would not be surprising if a large earthquake were to hit the Tokai region, mainly Shizuoka Prefecture, tomorrow." The comment was [...]

  • Micro-Generation

    Living off grid can be comfortable, as homes in a 16-square-mile area of Decorah, Iowa know. Supplementing energy needs using the powers of the Earth[...]

  • Floating Wind Farms

    Floating wind farms placed far offshore could lead to affordable electricity -- without cluttering the view. uge turbines mounted on[...]

  • A car that could save the planet fast

    Silicon Valley's big brains think they can beat Detroit and Tokyo and save the planet - all while doing 0 to 60 faster than almost anyt[...]

  • DIY - Convert Your car to use Hydrogen Today

    The United Nuclear Hydrogen Fuel System Kit converts your existing vehicle to run on Hydrogen. Complete hydrogen conversion kits will soon be ava[...]


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  • Personal Power: Wind Turbines at Home

    Look up there, on the rooftop! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a wind-powered whirlybird! Many of you may have seen wind farms or heard of wind pow[...]

  • Starting With Solar

    Most of us cannot feasibly afford to install a full solar power system into our homes. Energy Refuge suggests starting small. One solar panel and a se[...]

  • Now We're There: Terraforming Mars

    Six months have passed. You step off of your space ship onto Martian soil and look around at the harsh environment. You can already feel the -63º[...]

  • Prehistoric Shark like creature spotted in Japan

    A new species of shark has been just been discovered by Japanese fishermen. The shark's natural habitat is six hundred meters under the sea which make[...]

  • The Advantages of a Reel Lawn Mower

    My father was not prone to swearing in front of children, and there were only two times I can remember him letting loose with a malediction. The first[...]