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  • Polar Bear May be an Endangered Species

    The polar bear may soon be added to the threatened species list by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USF&WS). Global warming may be the main facto[...]

  • Unplugged

    Did you know even when you shut down powered devices in your home, phantom power usage continues? It all adds up. Besides increasing the cost of your [...]

  • Cows Resisting Mad Cow Disease

    US and Japanese researchers may have developed an breed of genetically-engineered cows that can resist Mad Cow Disease (also known as bovine spongifor[...]

  • Are Japanese whalers the only "criminals"?

    Whale conservationists are trying to disrupt "criminal" Japanese whaling operations in the Southern Ocean. The Sea Shepherd Society's Paul Watson [...]

  • Top Green Trends in 2007

    JWT, the world's fourth largest advertising agency and the largest in the US has announced the trend setting products and services which will be the [...]

  • Cost of Coal

    Coal and more of it. China's environmental disaster about to get worse. A Times On Line article by Michael Sheridan states China is scrambling to dig[...]

  • Purifying Ethanol for Alcohol

    We all know that ethanol is being used in fuels; however, scientists are now researching the possibilities of using it as alcohol for beverages, pharm[...]

  • Arctic Ice Woes

    It is not certain if climate change is responsible for an ancient ice shelf that broke loose from Ellesmere Island. This is the largest breakup of Arc[...]

  • French Satellite to Search for Other "Earths"

    A satellite probe launched today in Kazakhstan will spend the next few years searching the skies for small, rocky planets orbiting stars in the "Goldi[...]


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  • How to Make Your Own Cleaning Products

    Cleaning will definitely never make my list of favorite pastimes. But to me the worst part about cleaning is the cleaning product companies that const[...]

  • Homemade Sugar Scrub

    The winter definitely brings out the worst in your skin. So it’s time to pamper it to keep it looking and feeling it’s best. It’s time for a l[...]

  • The Power of Water

    We are all aware that water can do some pretty amazing things. Aside from being essential to all life on Earth, water makes up most of the Earth’s[...]

  • Weather Predictions For 2009

    If you are like most people, the past year offered some unusual weather patterns. The problem is that the reality has not fit with conventional views [...]

  • How to Install a Solar Panel

    Solar panels can save you money, and for some new homes, installing them is standard. However, even if you’re not in the process of building, you ca[...]