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  • $5 Billion Hydro Electric Project in Quebec, Canada

    Quebec has begun constructing two new hydro-electric power plants in a project that will cost $5 billion. These new plants will provide enough power t[...]

  • Nanotechnology

    Alternate energy sources have not been able to compete with fossil fuels in terms of cost. With a constantly increasing demand for energy resources, w[...]

  • Plastic Revolution

    We are surrounded by it. Just think for a moment about the plastic shopping bag epidemic. In the beginning plastic manufacturing was considered to be [...]

  • Get Money For Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

    With, businesses, communities, and organizations can enter their energy expenses each month and the system will tell you how many energy c[...]

  • Take Your JPod to Work

    The future for commuters may be very different during the next century. We may be moving in Jpods. Jpods are little pods that are about 205 kilograms [...]

  • Climatic Eruptions

    Geologists may be able to pinpoint links between ancient volcanic eruptions and climate changes, says a New Scientist Environment Article. Within the[...]

  • Politics of Food Biotechnology

    If you have interests or concerns about Genetically Modified Foods, and the future of our food supply I recommend you take ninety minutes of your tim[...]

  • Going Up? Next Floor Space!!!

    My definition of the space elevator: What, like in the Jetsons? Wikipedia's ( ) definition of the space elevator: A space eleva[...]

  • Ship Propellers Kill Another Whale

    A young North Atlantic right whale was found dead along the Georgia Coast with 20 propeller lacerations on its body. There are only about 400 of this [...]


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  • Personal Power: Wind Turbines at Home

    Look up there, on the rooftop! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a wind-powered whirlybird! Many of you may have seen wind farms or heard of wind pow[...]

  • The Top 7 Environmentally Friendly Countries

    Think Local, Act Global Many of us think in broad gestures and grand schemes, especially when it comes to the environment. "Think local and act glob[...]

  • Starting With Solar

    Most of us cannot feasibly afford to install a full solar power system into our homes. Energy Refuge suggests starting small. One solar panel and a se[...]

  • Micro-Generation

    Living off grid can be comfortable, as homes in a 16-square-mile area of Decorah, Iowa know. Supplementing energy needs using the powers of the Earth[...]

  • Prehistoric Shark like creature spotted in Japan

    A new species of shark has been just been discovered by Japanese fishermen. The shark's natural habitat is six hundred meters under the sea which make[...]