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  • The Eco-Friendly Wedding Planner

    It's Valentine's Day, and couples all over the world will be getting engaged to be married. Marriage is one of the few things that hasn't changed muc[...]

  • Finding Biodiesel

    This winter has, so far, been one of the warmest in memory in Ottawa, Canada. In a city known for its snow, cold temperatures, and being home to a 10[...]

  • Combined Heat and Power as Small as Your Dishwasher

    Recent abnormal weather patterns have taught us to expect the unexpected. All over the country, people have had to deal with freezing ice, snow, a[...]

  • Time For A New Home? Colonising Mars

    With plans to set up a permanent colony on the moon, the human race is finally realising its dreams of space colonization. But why stop at our nearest[...]

  • Record Recycling Gives New Life to LPs

    With every new musical technology, another becomes obsolete; and in most people’s homes it's not hard to find stacks of LPs, cassettes and even CDs,[...]