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  • Beetles Attacking Alaskan Forests

    Due to global climate change, insects in Alaska are increasing in numbers and are causing damage to Alaskan forests. The warmer weather is encouraging[...]

  • Toxic Chemicals Reporting Relaxed

    In a time for reducing toxic waste which is released into the environment, the EPA is relaxing regulations, according to a Dec 18 2006 article on Sc[...]

  • suzuki2

    Join the Nature Challenge!

    It seems sometimes that as individuals, we are powerless to stop the forces of environmental damage and destruction; that our small contributions [...]

  • Satellite lasers find giant lakes under Antarctic ice

    Huge lakes covering hundreds of square miles are hiding beneath half a mile of Antarctic ice, but their undulations cause such dramatic changes at the[...]

  • Post-Katrina Restoration Plans Raise Eyebrows

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is known for completing what seem like impossible projects on a grand scale.  But their latest plan for coastal re[...]

  • Adopt a Dolphin This Year

    Oceania ( will let you adopt various endangered or threatened wildlife. You can sponsor a dolphin, sea turtle, whale, a shark, or all f[...]

  • Prince Charles Supporting Green Causes

    The future King of England, Prince Charles, is setting a good example by actively reducing his carbon footprint. He is planning to use less private ai[...]

  • Global Warming endangering ski resorts

    Many places depend on their alpine resorts for a major source of revenue. However, global warming is threatening these economies. The Alps Mountain ra[...]

  • Airlines Not Recycling Enough

    Each year, the airline industry discards 4,250 tons of aluminum cans, 9,000 tones of plastic, and enough paper waste to fill a football field (over 23[...]


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  • Personal Power: Wind Turbines at Home

    Look up there, on the rooftop! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a wind-powered whirlybird! Many of you may have seen wind farms or heard of wind pow[...]

  • How To Build A Green House

    Five years ago, my family purchased a ranch house in the country. There were no houses across the road, and at night, visibility beyond our front porc[...]

  • Bamboo Bikes

    The bicycle, arguably one of the world's most brilliant inventions, has many advantages: it's a great form of exercise, it's economical, it's environm[...]

  • Now We're There: Terraforming Mars

    Six months have passed. You step off of your space ship onto Martian soil and look around at the harsh environment. You can already feel the -63º[...]

  • The Advantages of a Reel Lawn Mower

    My father was not prone to swearing in front of children, and there were only two times I can remember him letting loose with a malediction. The first[...]