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  • Make Your Own Little Robot Friend

    “BEAMbots:” that’s what they’re called. Little solar-powered robots that you can make at home using parts scavenged from whatever discarded e[...]

  • Finding Biodiesel

    This winter has, so far, been one of the warmest in memory in Ottawa, Canada. In a city known for its snow, cold temperatures, and being home to a 10[...]

  • Time For A New Home? Colonising Mars

    With plans to set up a permanent colony on the moon, the human race is finally realising its dreams of space colonization. But why stop at our nearest[...]

  • Record Recycling Gives New Life to LPs

    With every new musical technology, another becomes obsolete; and in most people’s homes it's not hard to find stacks of LPs, cassettes and even CDs,[...]

  • IPCC On Global Warming: It's Happening, And It's Our Fault

    Last Friday, a report released by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) resolved the debate forever: the Earth is warming, and humans a[...]