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    Only 3% of Earth's water is viable for human use, and this amount is rapidly diminishing. Global warming, melting ice caps, worldwide droughts, and hu[...]

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    Over the last few years more and more alternatives for petrol have been sought. As oil reserves run out, petrol prices rise and the climate continues [...]

  • How Much Will That Chocolate Cost The Planet?

    There is no denying that we love chocolate. It tastes great, it is a great way to improve a day and it is relatively cheap. However, when you buy that[...]

  • Creating an Indoor Garden

    An indoor garden can be more than ornamental. You can also add some edible crops, which can save you some money during the fall and winter. The basics[...]

  • Going Green? Where is my Green!!!

    Some environmental government initiatives are well known; bottle deposit and refund programs are immediately visible to the consumer, a[...]