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  • 21 Ways to Recycle Empty Prescription Bottles

    Recent coughs and ear infections in my household have left me with a pile of empty unrecycable RX bottles sitting on my kitchen counter waiting for [...]

  • 21 Interesting New Uses For Old Pantyhose

    Pantyhose easily get worn and torn, especially if you have little girls that like to run around in theirs. Here is a quick list of new uses for old t[...]

  • Does Your Aerosol Deodorant Really Affect Climate Change?

    Have you seen the advertisement with the couple who are discussing doing their part for the environment? As they talk about their good efforts, both h[...]

  • Sun power gets cheaper

    Last month, a Spanish company opened a solar power plant in the Nevada desert that produces more power than any other solar installation in the countr[...]

  • Christmas Tree Mold

    Need another reason to buy a live Christmas tree? What about mold? There’s nothing like the piney smell of a live or freshly cut Christmas tree. [...]