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  • Bed Nets Better than DDT, Says Ugandan Doctor

    Responding to WHO calls for wider use of DDT in malaria control, Jessie Stone -- founder and director of Soft Power Health, a nonprofit[...]

  • Sustainable Living: Where Do We Start?

    Every day, approximately five produce delivery trucks roll through the alleyway past my home. They're bringing tomatoes from California, [...]

  • 'Face'ing the Future

    Software that artificially "ages" a person's face using a range of parameters could help find many missing persons, hope[...]

  • The Oscars Go Green

    You know it's cool to be green again when stars like Charlize Theron and Leonardo DiCaprio are riding in small black Toyota Prius hybrids to the Oscar[...]

  • Blue Man Group on Global Warming Simple message... maybe it will catch the attention of those with a short attention span.[...]

  • Wind Turbine Power

    Renewable resources. Environmentally friendly power. These terms are tossed around like salad almost on a daily basis. The truth i[...]

  • How much human life can planet Earth sustain?

    How much human life can planet Earth sustain? It's a question scientists have been struggling with for hundreds of years. They have yet to agre[...]

  • Would you Donate your body to BODY WORLDS?

    The BODY WORLDS exhibitions are a towering achievement in the field of anatomical science, and an unprecedented gaze at humanity in all[...]

  • Help in the Search for Extraterrestrial Life

    SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is a scientific area whose goal is to detect intelligent life outside Earth. One approa[...]


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