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  • Alternative Energy - Things you didn't know

    As our energy needs rise, as our supplies of fossil fuels run out and as the state of our planet become more precarious, we increasingly need to look [...]

  • Google Banking on the Sun

    Internet giant Google announced on Monday that it will build a 9,200 cell solar power installation to provide roughly 30 percent of the[...]

  • 9 Most Unusual Solar Gadgets

    The human race has entered into the new millennium with great expectations of what futuristic products will become available to them. While flying c[...]

  • Read Books on your new Sony Reader?

    Why isn't there an iPod for electronic books? And where's the e-book equivalent of an iTunes store? Last month Sony laun[...]

  • Internet privacy issues

    If you don't like what your favorite internet search engine or e-commerce site does with information it collects about you, your option[...]

  • The Future of our Forests

    Over the years, there's been all sorts of rhetoric about our disappearing forests. You've heard it all before. We're losing some imagin[...]

  • Endangered Ethiopian Wolves May Get an Extra Dose of Protection

    In 1992, an outbreak of rabies from domestic dogs killed three-quarters of the world's endangered Ethiopian wolves, and another outbrea[...]

  • Report Card for TP manufacturers

    Major tissue and toilet paper manufacturers received failing environmental grades from the conservation group WWF on Wednesday for not [...]

  • Baptisms in Sewage Water?

    Wading into the Jordan River, the pastor blessed his flock, tapping the believers on the head before sending them into the hallowed wat[...]


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  • Bamboo Bikes

    The bicycle, arguably one of the world's most brilliant inventions, has many advantages: it's a great form of exercise, it's economical, it's environm[...]

  • 5 Things To Keep In Mind When Installing A Wind Turbine

    The car rounded a curve on the southwestern Ontario highway when I saw something that reminded me of a trilogy I once read. In the books[...]

  • ebike.jpg

    eBikes From the Future

    When I lived in downtown Toronto, I used my bike everyday to get to work everyday in the summer, anyway. I did it for the exercise, I did it because[...]

  • The Advantages of a Reel Lawn Mower

    My father was not prone to swearing in front of children, and there were only two times I can remember him letting loose with a malediction. The first[...]

  • Mt. Kilimanjaro Showing Signs of Global Warming

    The white cap of Kilimanjaro varies in size over the year, and may grow and shrink at intervals depending on solar influx, precipitatio[...]