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  • Make Your Own Little Robot Friend

    “BEAMbots:” that’s what they’re called. Little solar-powered robots that you can make at home using parts scavenged from whatever discarded e[...]

  • Finding Biodiesel

    This winter has, so far, been one of the warmest in memory in Ottawa, Canada. In a city known for its snow, cold temperatures, and being home to a 10[...]

  • Record Recycling Gives New Life to LPs

    With every new musical technology, another becomes obsolete; and in most people’s homes it's not hard to find stacks of LPs, cassettes and even CDs,[...]

  • planet_earth_australia_264108_l

    Lazy People Can Change the World Too

    Everyone has moments of laziness, but even if you play the lazy card more than you should, you still have the power to change the world. Adjusting you[...]

  • How to Deal with Old Computers

    Think twice before chucking out your aging electronics. Dizzying rates of obsolescence in today's electronics industry have resulted, unsurprisingly,[...]