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  • French Satellite to Search for Other "Earths"

    A satellite probe launched today in Kazakhstan will spend the next few years searching the skies for small, rocky planets orbiting stars in the "Goldi[...]

  • Back to the Future

    Photo courtesy of the Lego Group Robotics is a relatively new industry. It is where computers were thirty years ago, according to a Scientific Americ[...]

  • Emissions Still Rising

    Despite the knowledge of the effects greenhouse gases are having on the environment, the numbers continue to rise. Emissions of CO2, methane and nitro[...]

  • Google Going Solar

    In the largest solar panel system ever constructed in the US, Google Inc. is planning to incorporate 9,212 solar panels to power 30% of their Mountain[...]

  • Just in Time for Christmas, Scientists Discover Real "Virgin Birth"

    Two Komodo dragons have apparently learned to live without a man.  Sungai, one of the two giant lizards, produced eggs that hatched four live young[...]

  • Beetles Attacking Alaskan Forests

    Due to global climate change, insects in Alaska are increasing in numbers and are causing damage to Alaskan forests. The warmer weather is encouraging[...]

  • Toxic Chemicals Reporting Relaxed

    In a time for reducing toxic waste which is released into the environment, the EPA is relaxing regulations, according to a Dec 18 2006 article on Sc[...]

  • suzuki2

    Join the Nature Challenge!

    It seems sometimes that as individuals, we are powerless to stop the forces of environmental damage and destruction; that our small contributions [...]

  • Post-Katrina Restoration Plans Raise Eyebrows

    The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is known for completing what seem like impossible projects on a grand scale.  But their latest plan for coastal re[...]


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  • The Top 7 Environmentally Friendly Countries

    Think Local, Act Global Many of us think in broad gestures and grand schemes, especially when it comes to the environment. "Think local and act glob[...]

  • The Advantages of a Reel Lawn Mower

    My father was not prone to swearing in front of children, and there were only two times I can remember him letting loose with a malediction. The first[...]

  • Finding Biodiesel

    This winter has, so far, been one of the warmest in memory in Ottawa, Canada. In a city known for its snow, cold temperatures, and being home to a 10[...]

  • Politics of Food Biotechnology

    If you have interests or concerns about Genetically Modified Foods, and the future of our food supply I recommend you take ninety minutes of your tim[...]

  • Recycle Your Baby's Used Diapers!

    Your baby will use one ton of diapers as a child. Did you know that in Southern Ontario you can recycle your baby's old diapers? With a subscription a[...]