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  • Finding the world's tallest trees

    A team of two amateur tree naturalists will set out to find the tallest trees in the world in the mostly unexplored redwood forests of California. Mic[...]

  • Recycle Your Baby's Used Diapers!

    Your baby will use one ton of diapers as a child. Did you know that in Southern Ontario you can recycle your baby's old diapers? With a subscription a[...]

  • Flamingo Deaths in Kenya

    Flamingos in Kenya are dying in Kenya. Scientists have estimated that about 10,000 flamingos may have died in the past few years. These mass deaths ma[...]

  • Not Quite Green Eggs and Ham

    Just in time for the Year of the Pig, Chinese scientists announced last week that they have successfully bred glow-in-the-dark piglets. The  three[...]

  • 2007 To Be Warmest Yet

    We've all noticed the warmer temperatures this past season. Scientists in Brittan are speculating that 2007 will be the warmest year on record because[...]

  • Polo Shirts 'To-Go'

    What would you say if I told you I could sell you a shirt which wrinkle-free, won't shrink, washes in cold water, won't absorb odors, is soil and stai[...]

  • Polar Bear May be an Endangered Species

    The polar bear may soon be added to the threatened species list by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USF&WS). Global warming may be the main facto[...]

  • Unplugged

    Did you know even when you shut down powered devices in your home, phantom power usage continues? It all adds up. Besides increasing the cost of your [...]

  • Cows Resisting Mad Cow Disease

    US and Japanese researchers may have developed an breed of genetically-engineered cows that can resist Mad Cow Disease (also known as bovine spongifor[...]


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  • Say No to Plastic Wrap

    Next time you run out of plastic wrap in your kitchen, don’t replace it. Any product which is made from petroleum-based plastics and is intended to [...]

  • The Limitation of Hydrogen Car Conversion Kits

    This time the race is against Mother Nature and the prize is the world for our children. Oil has powered the world for more than a century but it has [...]

  • Virgin Atlantic to Run Bio-diesel Test Flight

    The Richard Branson owned airline, Virgin Atlantic, announced today that they will run their first test flight of an aircraft using bio-diesel in Febr[...]

  • Welcome to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

    Or call it the 'Plastic Soup'. It is not a tourist's paradise and is probably not on anyone’s itinerary yet. You might not even have heard about it.[...]

  • Toxic Lipstick

    In the past week, Canada has made an official announcement about toxic chemicals used in lipsticks and other cosmetics. It is the first time that thes[...]