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  • Oceans could be storing half a trillion tons of carbon dioxide

    The world's oceans could be storing much more man-made carbon dioxide than previously believed, if the results of a new study in the North Atlantic ho[...]

  • Manure Used in Home Products

    Researchers at Michigan State University and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) say that we could soon be using fiber from sterilized cow manure [...]

  • Red Rain Proof of Extraterrestrial Life?

    The best article so far on the the "red rain" phenomenon is in New Scientist. The Observer had a decent article too. An Indian scienti[...]

  • Hybrids Permitted in Carpool lanes

    As part of a test in Phoenix, Arizona, three models of hybrid cars are being allowed to use the high occupancy lanes. Owners of Honda Insight, Honda C[...]

  • Cats Can Spread Bird Flu

    Yesterday, the UN Food and Agriculture organization (FAO) issued a warning to keep cats away from areas infected by the bird flu. The Agency has evide[...]

  • Shortness of Dark

    Depending on who you ask, the first practical light bulb was invented by Joseph Wilson Swan of Britain in 1878, or Thomas Alva Edison of the U.S. in 1[...]

  • "The Earth cannot wait 60 years," says sir Richard Branson

    The slow realization that things we take for granted, clean water, fresh air and abundant uncontaminated food, are fast becoming distant memories occu[...]

  • High Sea Turtle Deaths in Bangladesh

    Along the coast of Bangladesh higher than normal sea turtle deaths have been recorded in the past two weeks. The smallest of these turtles, the olive [...]

  • Solar Storm Warning

    Recommended Read: Like the quiet before a storm. This week researchers announced that a storm is comin[...]


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