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  • eBay: The World's Online (Carbon) Marketplace?

    Emissions trading is nothing new, and is one of the key provisions of the Kyoto Protocol. Countries with bigger carbon quotas than they[...]

  • A Battery-Powered Airplane Tested in Japan

    A propeller aircraft took to the air while powered by nothing more than commercial dry-cell batteries this past July. The flight was th[...]

  • DNA Database May Invade Your Privacy

    A pioneer of Britain's DNA database said on Wednesday it may have grown so far beyond its original purpose that it now risks underminin[...]

  • Test Tube Koalas

    Australian scientists unveiled three test-tube koala joeys on Monday as part of an artificial insemination programme to preserve the vu[...]

  • New Revealed

    As most of you have already noticed we have changed the design and layout of The revamp has been in the works for th[...]

  • Wikipedia Stands Up to Britannica

    Wikipedia, the user-driven online "encyclopedia" that has added nearly 4 million entries since its founding in 2001, is nearly as relia[...]

  • Are Nature's Services at Risk?

    For years, scientists have been debating the extent to which species loss threatens the productivity of the ecosystems on which human b[...]

  • 7 Ways the Internet Will Save The World

    In the 1992 movie “Singles”, there was a character that was passionate about solving the gridlock problem in Seattle. His [...]

  • Scientists Revive Hopes of Life on Mars

    Those of us who live here know the Earth's surface is teeming with life. But if an outsider dropped a probe at random and scooped up a [...]


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