Facts on Solar Powered Cars

January 18th, 2014 BY Marina Hanes | 66 Comments

How practical are solar powered cars? Solar energy is a renewable resource even though we only have a window of time when we can collect it. Also, this energy doesn’t pollute the air, and it’s a versatile way to heat water, dry clothes and power different technologies. Below are some facts on solar powered cars that might surprise you.

Solar cars use photovoltaic cells (PVC), which are in solar panels. PVC enables the panels to convert the sun’s energy into electricity that we can use. However, solar technology is expensive, and some solar panels can cost up to $400 each. The reason why some panels are more expensive than others is because the price is dependent on how fast the panel can capture and convert the energy. Solar powered cars that are used for racing can go faster than 60 miles per hour, but their panels cover the car’s body and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In 2006, the Venturi Eclectic was presented at the Paris Auto Show. This car uses solar and wind energy, but it can only travel up to 30 miles per hour. Prototypes such as this are not practical for the common driver, because they cannot travel on the highway.

Maybe after most of the general public can afford hybrid vehicles, solar powered cars will be more practically developed and less expensive. Improvements are being made to solar energy systems every year, so it won’t be long before these cars are designed for the public to drive on the highway.

Overall, solar energy has many benefits. The panels work silently so they don’t add to the noise pollution already on the road. Most importantly, the energy is free and you don’t have a dependence on foreign oil. The unfortunate downside is not having access to this energy after the sun goes down or during cloudy days.

Solar powered cars have come a long way since the creation of the first solar cell in 1883. For now, you can get a taste of solar energy by purchasing the Toyota Prius, which has a new solar roof that can power the car for at least 20 miles longer.

  1. ACCER

    A car that looks THAT good and is solar? Oh yeah…..I could drive it! In fact, I would love to help out their product development area by taking immediate possession and driving one for them!

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      Stephanie says:
      March 6

      I have been a mechanic for about 20 years, going back to school for my mechanical engineering degree, and this one that peaks my interest greatly. Being able to create a solar powered car that would be economical & family friendly. I hope I can find it.

      • 3
        Xavier says:
        July 5

        hi Stephanie.. i am a student studying Industrial Engineering and i am putting down a business plan for solar cars to be produced and i am going to be needing alot of people on my team to make this work would be great if you wanna join up? im Xavier from south africa

      • 4
        April 4

        I find a solar powered Ferrari – with the solar cells hidden in the shell of the car interesting. I know nothing about this company, but thought that I would pass it along for your information. Good luck.

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      Megan says:
      January 3

      I got lots of facts out of this thanks!

  2. Bart

    I love alternative energy cars :) There is so much potential out there to drive without any pollution.. the next 15 years will definitly be exciting :)

    We’ve also put up a page that talks about solar cars only check it out here. http://www.aboutmyplanet.com/science-technology/solar-diy-car-kit/

    • Responses to Bart
      simone says:
      December 7

      yes but the next fifteen years I think there will be more of government secrecy than hot solar powered cars all to yourself. And we all know one of the causes for this… oil. where will the world be without oil. no wars, no pollution, no high expenses.

  3. tater03

    That is a nice looking car. I hope that they will be able to get something out in the near future that won’t be so expensive. I have not seen the new Toyota Prius. Or if I have I don’t remember. I am going to have to check that out.

  4. Tom

    Big Question. Where does one get repair parts for electric and hybrid cars?

    • Responses to Tom
      carlos says:
      September 1

      there will have tobe making places to fix them and will create jobs

  5. Bart

    Tom you should ask in our questionville section of the site… I’m sure someone will have an answers.


    hey all you web surfers this car is sweet I went on here for fast facts but didnt know they had alsome pictures .

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      Sam Whitworth says:
      November 18

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        j-bou says:
        April 26

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  7. ZammaJannan

    EVERYTHING should come with solar panels as a secondary energy source.. even if it only saves a little… every little bit helps. And yes.. the car pictured is pretty sweet.

  8. tater03

    I was telling my husband about this and he mentioned that he wonders how they would stand up to the wear and tear of the snow? I never thought of this.

  9. stavy

    it is very pretty but really atthe moment is nothing more than a concept car, and it will be a very long time before you can actually buy a real solar powered ca like this..

    Come on manufacturers.. speed it up!

  10. Bryant Johnson

    Yeah, its nice and all. but they’re not aware of the full picture! I’m not an authority on the subject or anything, however I know a great variety of tech that will eventually combine to create a very cost effective method to produce and use vehicles such as these!

  11. Solar Powered Cars

    amazing post! The solar powered car is really wonderful.

  12. drew

    i like that pic….

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      bob says:
      March 25

      yeah its pretty sweet

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        futhamuckahiii says:
        April 2

        does anyone have a solar powered car yet? :) :)

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      zam28 says:
      January 15

      thats a nice car!!

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      megan fox says:
      April 26

      i want you

  13. connor

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  19. boyboy64

    i wonder if they need a test driver? Hmmmmm???

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  21. daydeamer 1

    WAKE UP guys you think the OIL and ELECTRICITY companies are interested.They will lobby and actively do everything they can to prevent – what CAN become practically ’free’ energy for motor cars.The ’greenies’ dont have the POWER at this stage to fight the politcally powerful’institutional’energy companies !!!!!

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  25. Demetris

    I am a third year mechanical engineer student and my project is a solar powered car. I would like to find as much info as i can. Can anyone help here? I would also like to take part and help for this project. As i would be studying this i think i will be able to gather some info from different libraries in London!

    Thanks have aa nice day!

  26. kenny

    I’m not an engineer but i do play one on tv.i have a ?i have these lights in my yard that are solar battery operated.the batteries hold the charge for the light to come on at night.why could’nt that be integrated into a car,not so much for the car to be all powered by th sun,or maybe i’m wrong,and there are eklectric cars that can reach speeds of 150 to 200 mph.what i’m saying why not use the same method as the lights in my yard,that would greatly enhance the duration of the energy provided by the sun.

  27. Meg

    I didnt know the Prius had a solar panel roof. that’s cool!!! But i’ve heard about these special solar panels that store up all the sun’s electricity from the day and don’t release the energy until night time. one of my neighbors has solar night lights around their pathway in their yard and they don’t go on until it gets dark.

    • Responses to Meg
      December 17

      I have these solar night lights in my yard. They do exactly what you say…store the sun’s energy during the day and light up when it gets dark. They make the yard look magical, and they provide enough light for security purposes.

  28. karissa

    thts the colest car i have ever seen:)

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  31. Del Rio High Student

    I think someone should invent a car that runs on CO2 and that puts out oxygen as the exhaust.
    It’d be a magnificent invention that helps out the world at the same time.

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      zam28 says:
      January 15

      thats a great idea, why dont people think of that stuff?

  32. sexy gracie

    this is a very sexy car and i love the way that it is all red and then its got some solerpowerd panels on it and i wold love this car i have been doing a progect at school about it and im doing it about this car and its a good car to do it on dont you think if i have made some spelling mestaces sorry :( :)

  33. sexy gracie

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  34. Zam28

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    Hey Marina is that your real car if so cool!

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      April 23

      Haha…no that isn’t my car in real life, but yes, it would be pretty cool if it was!

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  45. Solar Sarah

    That is one of the coolest cars that I have ever seen, cant wait until we see more of these on the road, seems its gonna be a couple decades though :(

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      pravin says:
      September 12

      hi wat you said is right ….and im planning to do a project on it so plz try to reference people if you know people any one who is familiar with solar systems….and try to contact through my E mail

  46. sankar

    I am a solar Engineer and in order to popularized the solar technology/energy i am planning to use a solar power car to travel the length and breath of INDIA,what is your suggestion(s)???

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