Google Makes Major Investment Into Renewables

August 15th, 2013 BY VeganVerve | No Comments

One of the fastest growing energy sectors in the world is wind energy. Both traditional wind farms and offshore wind farms are growing in number around the world. The United States recently joined the ranks of those countries that will be diving into offshore wind energy. Due to the growth of the wind sector and the need for renewable energy, many major companies are investing more heavily into wind energy.

Google has recently announced that they will be investing nearly 39 million dollars into wind energy projects. These projects will be located in North Dakota and developed by NextEra Energy Resources. Google announced earlier in the year its intention to invest into renewable energy and this is the first major investment by the company.

The two wind farms are expected to be able to generate 169.5 megawatts of energy. In total, the energy will be able to power 55,000 homes.

In reference to the investment, Google stated: “We’ve been looking at investments in renewable energy projects, like the one we just signed, that can accelerate the deployment of the latest clean energy technology while providing attractive returns to Google and more capital for developers to build additional projects.”

Google uses enormous amounts of electricity due to their massive data centers to run their company. Many are suggesting that due to their electricity load, Google might be looking to establish data centers near renewable energy sources. Google has not stated any intention to build data centers in North Dakota to be powered by the wind farms, however.

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