Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson was born and raised in rural eastern Ontario, where she spent her childhood frolicking in fields and hugging trees. Off to Toronto to experience the city life, she found her passion and pen for writing. She has been published in the prestigious Hart House Review and has written for various independent magazines. She has passion in everyday life and especially for her first love, the planet earth. Taking a short detour to Ghana, Sarah learned the true meaning of life and the need to have your own voice. She also learned what it feels like to be sicker than a dog with malaria, an experience which has only made her stronger. Being the greenie that she is, Sarah learned how to fix bikes and became a true advocate for the lost art that is bike riding. Sarah is always looking for a good debate and a chance to argue any point... but is always open to hear the other side. Sarah finds solace in baking and going for long walks in random alley ways searching for unique graffiti... and though she fears feet, she works to find the right shoe for all the kids in Ottawa and will not stop until her mission is completed!

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