Gore’s Nobel: Heating Up the Climate Change Talk

April 14th, 2014 BY Amy Anaruk | 1 Comment

Al Gore’s recent Nobel Prize may be steeped in controversy, but it is undeniably increasing the dialogue on greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. While many of Gore’s detractors fault his An Inconvenient Truth for faulty science, there’s no denying the movie has gotten more people talking about some very serious environmental issues. The prize itself has generated some interesting results.

Draft Gore Efforts
Probably the biggest impact of Gore’s Nobel Prize is the grassroots movement Draft Gore’s stepping up efforts to convince the former Vice President to enter the 2008 U.S. Presidential race. And the group’s doing it in a major way, by running national television commercials for the first time on CNN and in New Hampshire following an open-letter advertisement in the New York Times in October. Draft Gore calls the former Vice President “The Conscience of the Democratic Party” and has collected 229,757 signatures on its online petition as of this writing. The group is not affiliated or endorsed by Al Gore in any way.

In fact, Gore has repeatedly stated his desire not to reenter politics in any form even if groups like Draft Gore see his work on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions as the perfect vehicle to enter the race. So far, he has limited his political activity to consulting with candidates about global warming plans, fueling intense speculation about which Democratic candidate he will endorse, and when.

Mayors Climate Summit
Gore also spoke via satellite at the recent conference of over 100 U.S. mayors to address the problems of climate change. While Former President Bill Clinton introduced his Clinton Climate Initiative at the conference, Gore applauded the mayors for their efforts at reducing greenhouse gas emissions despite the lack of U.S. signature on the Kyoto Treaty. He also supports no new construction of coal-fired power plants that don’t contain the technology to capture emissions like carbon dioxide.

Nobel Peace Prize Concert
Finally, the Nobel Peace Prize Concert 2007 honoring co-winners Al Gore and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is set for Tuesday, December 11th in Oslo. Tommy Lee Jones, Gore’s former college roommate, will host and artists including Alicia Keys, Annie Lennox, and Melissa Etheridge will perform.

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