University To Create Cryo-Egg To Study Rising Seas

November 14th, 2012 BY VeganVerve | 2 Comments

The predictions involving the rising sea levels due to global warming vary greatly. However, all scientists agree that the seas are rising and at an alarming rate. The melting glaciers around the world are further evidence of the rising seas. Greenland is melting at a rate twice what it was seven years ago alone.

In order to further study and determine the true extent of rising seas, a university in Britain is building a so-called “cryo-egg”. The Bristol University has been awarded a grant of approximately 365,000 equivalent American dollars to study rising seas. The money was awarded by Britain’s Natural Environment Research Council.

The cryo-egg has not yet been created, as researchers are attempting to determine the best way to engineer the unit. The number of issues facing the project are many, as the device will need to be able to survive and communicate from within a sheet of Greenland ice.

Doctor Jemma Wadham, the leader of the project, stated: “The engineering challenges for the cryo-egg are vast. In addition to the need to survive crushing by ice and extreme cold, the probe must be able to communicate with scientists on the surface through kilometers of ice. This will be the first goal of the project.”

The project cryo-egg is expected to be completed within the next two years. It will then be used to monitor the changing seas from within the Greenland ice sheets and eventually the Antarctic. The scientists are hoping that the seas will be better understood via this project and that better predictions can be made regarding rising seas.

  1. seb

    i would like to see a whole section of this website dedicated to population control and limited natural resources. See David Attenborough’s : How many people can live on Planet Earth (BBC iplayer)

  2. Greg @ PrincetonCryo

    I hope this experiment will generate desired results after spending so much money.

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