Proposed Natural Gas Terminal a Security Risk?

October 1st, 2013 BY Ashley Mikulik | No Comments

A proposal has been made to build a $700 million natural gas island, floating in the middle of Long Island Sound in New York. It would be as long at the Queen Mary 2 ocean liner and could support 4 million homes with natural gas each year. This proposal has already been met with strong opposition. Environmentalists, locals, and politicians are debating over the possible security issues of having thee natural gas terminals in coastal cities. While Sen. Hillary Clinton opposes this project, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani supports the project saying that the facility would be as safe a facility in design as you could possibly have, and that they would install the latest security equipment available, including running background checks on employees.

Read more about the possible security issues in the MSBC article below:

Source: MSNBC, Natural gas terminal a terror, ecological risk? by Frank Eltman, January 15.

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