4 Ways You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Today

December 12th, 2011 BY ChrisD | 3 Comments
red bento lunch box

You needn’t do anything earth-shattering, like giving up driving to make an impact on your carbon footprint. There are simple steps you can take to reduce the effects of your activities on the environment. These changes also provide benefits for you.

Use a bento or other container for lunch.

Taking lunch to school or work can save you big bucks in the long run, making it incentive enough. Use a bento or divided plastic container for lunch will teach you portion control as well as cut down on waste from packaging. You can have the best of both worlds and help the environment.

Have a meatless day.

Following a vegetarian diet can reduce your carbon footprint from your diet by nearly three-quarters. Meat production is energy-expensive. A study by AgResearch in New Zealand found that 80 percent of the carbon footprint of lamb production is at the farm stage. You don’t have to give up meat altogether. Simply by decreasing the proportion of meat in your total diet can take tons of carbon dioxide equivalent off of your carbon footprint.

Unplug any little-used appliances.

Even when you’re not using them, your appliances are still sucking energy if they are plugged in. Home energy is one of the biggest sources of your impact. Leaving your ink jet printer plugged in and off costs you about $5 a year. However, think about how many other little used electrical devices you have plugged in. It costs you and the environment not to unplug them.

Ditch bottled water.

Plastic recycling simply is not keeping up with production. The EPA estimates that over 60 percent of all plastic drinking bottles ended up in landfills in 2007. Plastic has the added detriment in that it does not break down. Instead, opt for a BPA-free water bottle. Choose one that is recyclable for added environmental benefits.

Reducing your carbon footprint is about making choices. The items you buy, use and eat affect the environment, both directly and indirectly. Making thoughtful decisions about what you buy empowers you to take your green living lifestyle to the next step.

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    Recycle in any way you can! Find a way to reduce landfills and reuse whatever.

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