Chemical Free Lice Remedies

March 6th, 2014 BY Marina Hanes | 2 Comments

CGoing back to school means more possibilities for your child to bring home colds and other germs. When lice strike your household, it can be a battle to rid your family’s hair of them. Although there are products designed to combat this problem, many of them contain pesticides. Do you really want to expose yourself and your child to these chemicals? Below are a couple natural ways to deal with lice.

Olive/Coconut Oil and Vinegar Remedy

Lice may be small, but they can take over your head quickly. However, the fact that they are small is actually an advantage to you, because they can be smothered with little effort.

First, wash your child’s hair thoroughly with the shampoo you normally use. Then apply a half cup or more of room temperature olive or coconut oil to the hair so it’s thoroughly saturated. Then cover the hair with a shower cap. Within an hour, all of the lice should have suffocated under the heavy layer of olive oil. In order to get the oil out of the hair, it’s beneficial to shampoo twice or as many times as necessary.

To remove the dead lice, soak a towel in distilled white vinegar. This towel as well as a dry one needs to be wrapped around your child’s head for an hour. Then you can easily remove the lice with a nit comb.

Essential Oil Remedy

You can use the same steps above, but create a 50:50 mix of olive oil and an essential oil. Any of the following essential oils can be used: tea tree, lavender, thyme, geranium, ylang ylang, or anise seed. Cinnamon and peppermint is also effective, but if you or your child has sensitive skin, you might want to avoid these ones.

Because lice are carried to another person so easily, it’s wise to treat everyone in the family. Also, explain to your child how he/she can prevent this from happening again in the future. It requires a lot of effort to remove lice from your head, bedding, carpet, furniture, toys, etc., but at least there are chemical free ways to remedy the problem.

  1. Sheila Newth

    I heard of the coconut shampoo as a great lice treatment before too, so pretty sure that must really work great. Tea tree oil I heard too works great!

    Anise seed oil is some VERY potent stuff, so be aware of that but it is a great lice solution :) Thanks for sharing. We went through a lice nightmare too, glad its finally over!


    • Responses to Sheila Newth
      Marina Hanes says:
      November 17

      I’m glad your lice nightmare is over! It can be such a frustrating situation, but at least there are natural options so you can avoid exposing yourself or your children to pesticides.

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