How Can I Contribute Towards Making Our Planet Greener?

January 6th, 2014 BY Prav | No Comments

The serious imbalance in our ecology has reached such alarming propositions that the time has come for some really, really radically different approaches, along with the often repeated dictates such as switching off the lights and being a part of the neighborhood car pooling group.

You can contribute by trying any of the following tips:

- Replace your light bulbs with CFLs or Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs. These coiled or twisted light sources are expensive but use much lesser electricity. They contain Mercury and hence make sure that they are not trashed in the regular manner.
- LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes use 40% electricity as compared to the Sodium bulbs. These are costlier, yes, but have a longer life span.
- Use the clothesline to dry clothes instead of using the laundry machine. This would help reduce the CO2 emission.
- Every time you buy clothes, even if they are natural, Mother Earth is being harmed in some way. While synthetics are not bio degradable, cotton uses about 25% of the pesticides. So instead of getting new clothes every single time, either give your existing clothes a new look or swap them with your friends. Recycling your polyester fabrics would reduce the greenhouse gases to a great extent.
- Buy a hybrid car or take the bus to your place of work. Also moving close to your workplace would help in a big way, not just that you travel less but also do your bit towards reducing the poisonous gases being emitted into the atmosphere.
- Be a smart driver – keep your car in a good condition, turn off the engine at the signals, ensure proper tire pressure and drive at the optimum speed.
- Go the E way in paying your bills. Thus you help in reducing the paper checks and receipts involved.
- Keep the windows open and lower the usage of AC.
- Encourage a company that produces renewable electricity by signing up with them. Production of electricity is the major cause of pollution in the world, today.
- Shut off your computer; make sure that at least the screen is switched off.
- Say no to plastics. That plastics cannot be recycled is a well established fact and when not disposed off in the proper manner they form a layer on the soil, thus not allowing the water to seep down. This would negatively impact the water table as well.
- Support your local farmer. This way the carbon impact is reduced as consuming locally obtained meat or vegetables would mean that there is less transportation involved and so that much lesser pollutants into the air.
- Plant a bamboo tree. Extend planting as a token of love – plant in someone’s name on their special occasions.

There are any number of ways in which you can contribute towards ensuring that we do not leave Earth in a bigger mess than it already is in. After all, so far this is the only planet that could sustain life and by damaging it in every possible way we are only making our situation a lot more difficult.

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