Don’t Toss Those Peels!

March 2nd, 2013 BY Heather Utendorf | 2 Comments

Although orange peels aren’t the worst thing to throw into your garbage, what if you could actually use them instead of tossing them? Orange peels have some pretty unique and interesting uses. Before you head to the garbage, think about these interesting and different uses:

1. Mosquito Repellent: You can rub orange peels on your skin because gnats and mosquitos hate the smell. If you are sitting outside, you can place the peels around your sitting area to keep them away as well. Around the campfire? Simmer some water with orange peels to keep the little buggers away!
2. Quick Potpourri: Throw your citrus peels in a pot with water, cloves and cinnamon sticks to freshen the air in your kitchen.
3. Get Rid of Ants: If you have too many ants around your home, you can take citrus peels and water to make a powerful potion. Simply blend the peels and water together and place on any ant hills that are too close to your home. The can’t stand the scent and will build their homes elsewhere.
4. Deter Cats: Tired of cats using you flower or vegetable garden as his personal toilet? Cats have very sensitive noses so scatter orange peels mixed with coffee grounds around the area and the cats will stay away.
5. Freshen your Garbage Disposal: Cut up the orange peels and put them in your garbage disposal. While running cold water down the drain, run the disposal. It will not only help kill germs, but it will also improve the smell dramatically!
6. Pleasant Smelling Kindling: Oranges have a lot of flammable oil within their peels. If you allow the peels to air dry slowly and then you can use them to start fires instead of newspapers.

Some people will even dry out orange peels and grind them into body powder! However you use your peels, remember they can be used for some great uses to save you money!

  1. nadya

    I love this advice! Especially the one about simmering orange peels around a camp fire.

  2. 2

    [...] About My Planet has a few interesting tips on what to do with used orange peels. I especially like the idea of using them to freshen the garbage disposal, but I think my favorite tip is to use them to keep cats out of the garden and flower beds. I’m going to have to try that one. [...]

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