Embrace the Heat to Lower Your Carbon Footprint

July 20th, 2012 BY ChrisD | No Comments
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There’s not much you can do about the blazing summer heat. As poet, Robert Frost, once said, “The only way around is through.” In a nutshell, that is the strategy to follow when it comes to coping. When you embrace the heat, you’ll even benefit by lowering your carbon footprint.

Cool Meals Fast
When the temperature soars, you probably don’t feel like cooking, perhaps, much less than eating a heavy meal. Instead of calling for takeout, why not make your own cool summer meals? For example, who says soup has to be hot? A cold gazpacho or vichyssoise can be just the thing to beat the heat. As a bonus, you won’t heat up the house, thus, saving on energy costs. Other options to consider include:

  • Dinner salads with a meat side like seared steak or tuna
  • Antipasto platter with cheeses, fruit and meats
  • Pasta salads, with or without meat

Capitalize Your Carbon Footprint Savings
To make the cool switch even more eco-friendly, opt for local and preferably, organic produce for your meal. Organic produce is grown in soils that can better manage the hot summer heat. Going local will mean that your food has a smaller carbon footprint.

Quick and Fast Cooking
If you must cook, you have several options. You can use fast, low-heat methods, such as microwaving or using your slow cooker. It’s not just for stews and hardy meals. You can make pulled pork for sandwiches or taco beef for a quick meal.

You can also take the cooking outside. There’s no need to warm up the oven when you can fire up the grill. While dinner cooks, you can enjoy a refreshing glass of ice tea or lemonade to keep you cool. If you’re hankering for a breeze while grilling out, bring out the fan to get the air moving around you. An electric fan uses less electricity than your air conditioner and can keep you comfortable.

Spending the time outdoors gives you another benefit. You will likely find that once you become acclimated to the heat, you can turn up the thermostat on your air conditioner. Even a few degrees can mean big savings on your electric bill and benefits for the environment. Rather than fighting summer, embrace it to live your green lifestyle.

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