Go Green and Beat the Heat

November 29th, 2013 BY ChrisD | No Comments
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No one has to tell you that it’s hot outside. From all looks of it, 2012 is shaping up to compete with the record-breaking 2011 summer. Already, Chicago has experienced its hottest day on record. So, what can you do to get away from the heat and stay comfortable?

Keep a Pitcher of Water in the Fridge
It never seems to get as cold from the faucet as a glass of water straight out of the fridge. Besides, who wants to wait for a cold drink when you’re hot from the outside?
Green Advantage: You’ll conserve water and energy by helping your fridge perform at top efficiency when it is full.

Close the Curtains on Heat
Follow the pattern of the sun to make the most of the cool in your home. Close the curtains on the side of the house getting the intense sunlight. The darker interior will make it seem cooler, mentally.
Green Advantage: You’ll save on cooling costs by keeping the temperatures in your home more stable.

Direct Fans to Spread the Cool Love
Use fans wisely to spread the cool in your home. Direct a fan from the part of the house that is cooler to parts that can use a bit more comfort. In addition, close off the rooms you won’t be using so the precious cool is directed where it is best used.
Green Advantage: Energy savings from making the most of your cooling power.

Landscape to Protect Your Home from the Elements
Strategically-placed shrubs or bushes can help shade your home during the summer and direct the most intense heat away from the house. In addition, you’ll reap the same benefits during the winter with the added protection.
Green Advantage: You’ll have a more permanent solution to keeping cool, so you can banish away the worries of a makeshift solution.

Plan Your Day with the Heat in Mind
Your body has a great system for keeping comfortable—within limits. Use it to your advantage. The heavy work, intense exercise or errand runs are best done either in the morning or evening. Save the middle part of the day for staying indoors to enjoy the cool you’ve been getting the most out of.

With a few simple strategies, you can beat the heat and stay comfortable no matter what the day brings. Efficiency and plan that work with the natural rhythms of the day can save you time and money.

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