Green Pet Care

February 23rd, 2014 BY Jeremy Taylor | 2 Comments

Adopting a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle doesn’t need to stop with you, or even with your family; if you’ve got pets of any kind you can probably care for them in a more ecologically sensitive way.

Some suggestions are obvious. For example, pick up after your dog. Dog droppings can introduce parasites and toxins to the ecology of your local park, and can contaminate a stream or field in much the same way that human or livestock waste can.

And while you’re at it, go the extra step use biodegradable bags. They will break down much more quickly, and allow their contents to do the same.

If you’re a cat person, look for biodegradable cat litter options. Kitty litter can be derived from a variety of sources including wood shavings, recycled paper, sawdust, corn cobs, dried orange peels, and even wheat bran all of which present more sustainable options than traditional clay litter, and all of which (and here’s the hook) can be flushed.

When grocery shopping for your pets, read the fine print. In a recent study, a magazine called Whole Dog Journal assessed the front-runners in the dog food industry, and gave failing grades across the board, citing ingredients like food fragments, bone meal, sweeteners, artificial colours, preservatives, phosphate, and animal fat and by-products (read: feet, tongues, and other unappetizing parts). You wouldn’t eat this stuff, and neither should your pet. Natural, healthy options do exist; you just might have to alter your shopping patterns.

Decorate your fish tank with real oxygenating plants, instead of the gimmicky hard plastic variety, and your fish will have fresher water, a food source, and an environment free of the toxins that leak out of plastic toys. You can do away with the noisy bubbler this way, too, which, along with fish tank lamps, gobbles electricity unnecessarily.

Generally speaking, make the same decisions for your pets that you’re making for yourself, and you’re on the right track.


  1. Sue Clark

    Did you know that aromatic herbs such as Pennyroyal, sage, lavender and thyme can be mixed together and used as a flea and tick repellent. Make sure the herbs are very fresh, they should have a good strong smell to them. These herbs are not harmful, although I wouldn’t recommend allowing children to eat a large quantity of them, and they are non-toxic to your pets. Make a tube about 6 inches longer than the pet’s neck and about 1 inch in diameter. Stuff with the herbs, tie knots in the tube to keep the herbs in place. then, knot loosely around the neck. Any herbs left over can be sprinkled under layers of the bedding, not directly on the top of the bed. We generally used an old, worn blanket that had been folded in quarters for our dog. So the herbs could be scattered between the layers of blankets. Replace about every 3 months, or when you can’t smell the herbs. Our dog rarely had fleas on her and we live in a heavy flea/tick area. Unlike the chemical collars, the herbal flea collar won’t irritate a pet’s skin.

  2. Adam & Wendy Leidhecker

    Hello Jeremy Taylor,

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