Honouring A Life With A Tree

March 25th, 2014 BY Craig Baird | 1 Comment

A death in the family is something none of us want to go through. It is an emotional roller coaster that leaves our lives changed forever. Beyond the initial shock of the death, there is the struggle to plan a funeral, determine burial or ashes scattering and more. It is a tough process but it is something we all have to go through.

However, while many see death as the end of a life, others are beginning to see it as a way to start a new life, and provide life for the world. While they grieve the loss of a friend or loved one, they celebrate their live with something truly unique; the planting of a tree. Trees are our biggest ally in the fight against global warming. They take out harmful CO2 from our atmosphere, and unlike plankton which stores the CO2 within themselves, trees turn that CO2 into oxygen. As we all know, oxygen is essential to life on this planet, and without it, most of the species here would go extinct within a minute.

Therefore, when you suffer the death of someone close to you, you can take the time to grieve them and when you are ready to, you can celebrate the life that they lived. Planting a tree to honor someone not only helps clear the air for our planet, it also serves as a constant reminder of that person who passed away. As the years go by, that tree will grow and grow, becoming larger and larger. You will be able to come back to that tree years, or even decades down the road to see how prosperous it has become. It will remind you of the effect that person had on your life and it will help you remember them in a truly unique way.

Of course there are even more unique ways to honor a person’s memory with a tree after they pass on. There are some companies who will bury the person in an eco-friendly way so that they return to the soil from whence they came, and from their resting spot, a tree will sprout from a seed planted by the burial company.

Death is a painful part of life, but it can also be an opportunity to help the planet with a tree that honors someone’s memory.

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    That is a touching way to remember someone dear to you, especially if the deceased is someone who was responsible for nurturing and protecting you. They can nurture and protect the world, as well as the tree being a memorial.

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