How to Troubleshoot for Better Green Choices

November 18th, 2013 BY ChrisD | No Comments
plastic plates

Living a green lifestyle doesn’t mean you must sacrifice and do without while others carry on as normal. It is simply a matter of making conscious choices. Most people don’t try to do things that are intentionally not earth-friendly. People follow habits, To interject some green in your day, be aware of the little things that contribute to your carbon footprint.

Portion Size Control
Problems with portion sizes can cause more harm than increase your carbon footprint. Obesity and the bad habits associated with it can increase the global carbon footprint, explains a study published in BMC Public Health. The more you eat, the higher the environmental costs of bringing that food to the table.

To tackle both issues, bulk food in bulk when possible and do your own bagging. Sure, you can buy food in serving-size packages. However, it increases the amount of waste your household generates. Instead, use eco-friendly plastic bags. Your recyclable bags are a better choice than what you’ll find on the grocery store shelves.

Think Green, Be Lean
You can combine your goals for maintaining a healthy weight by making conscious green choices. Classic tips such as walking to do errands within a mile of your home will help you burn extra calories, while reducing your fuel consumption.

The same can apply to reducing the amount of meat in your diet. Compared to fruits and vegetables, meat carries a high environmental cost. You needn’t make radical changes. Even going meatless one day out of the week will reduce your carbon footprint and improve your diet with healthier substitutions like whole grains and vegetables.

Replace Disposable with Permanent
The drive for convenience has fostered a culture of added trash. For example, the United States generated over 1.3 million tons of paper plates and cups in 2010. Of that figure, virtually nothing was recovered for recycling, explains the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Your decision to pass on disposable then carries a lot of weight. Rather than paper plates, opt for plastic ones with pretty colors to make dining fun. Using a durable material like plastic makes for a safer choice. You can apply the same principle to water bottles or coffee cups while traveling. It’s not difficult to live green. It simply means being aware of your impact on the environment.

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