21 Interesting New Uses For Old Pantyhose

April 7th, 2014 BY Gloria Campos | 3 Comments

Pantyhose easily get worn and torn, especially if you have little girls that like to run around in theirs. Here is a quick list of new uses for old torn pantyhose that are environmentally friendly and money saving too.

1. In the garden. Use as fruit and vegetable net in your garden or to tie your plants, like tomatoes, to a stake.
2. Put small pieces of left over soap in pantyhose leg. Tie it up and cut off the left over. Use in the bathroom. This can also be done for the garden, but don’t cut off the left over pantyhose. Instead hang the soap sachet above the water hose so that you can wash your dirty hands before you go inside.
3. Just because they have small holes in them doesn’t mean you can wear them. Wear your torn pantyhose under your pants in the winter. They are great for keeping you warm.
4. Make a Nylon Witch. For directions go here.
5. Store onions in a pantyhose leg. This provides good air circulation and keeps the onions fresh. Place the first one in the foot of the pantyhose and tie a knot above it. Put the next one in and tie a knot above it. Continue this way until you’ve store your onions. Each time you need an onion just cut off that section.
6. Make an old pair of pantyhose into a Headband/cap for coloring hair, or for exercise.
7. Store your rolls of wrapping paper inside a pantyhose leg to keep the paper from tearing
8. Use old pantyhose as stuffing for dolls, pillows, comforters or even quilts.
9. Scent sachets. Fill pantyhose foot with homemade potpourri, cinnamon or lavender and then hang in closets, place in drawers, store in the bathrooms, etc.
10. Flower bulbs. Like the onions flower bulbs can be stored in pantyhose legs for the winter. Hang them high in a cool dry place to keep them dry and mold free.
11. Use it to tie stuff up. A stack of newspapers, clothes napkins, magazines, etc…
12. Flowerpot liner. Use as a flowerpot liner to prevent soil erosion when you water your houseplants.
13. Strainer. Use pantyhose legs to strain foods like homemade jellies or to strain old lumpy paint.
14. Polish shoes, floors or furniture with old pantyhose
15. If you paint your nails and run out of cotton, use strips of pantyhose and nail polish remover to remove nail polish from your nails.
16. Soft round toy. Gather several old pantyhose together and then stuff them all into one to make a pantyhose ball. Give it to your kids or your cats.
17. Make you own hair scrunchy or headband. For directions go here.
18. Stretch over a hanger and make wings for a costume.
19. Place seeds in a pantyhose leg and hang to dry.
20. Bug jar. Catch the bug your kid is interested in. Cover the jar with pantyhose and a rubber band to give the bug air. Let your kid learn about it and then release the bug.
21. Keep hairbrush clean. This is a wonderful idea I heard from a friend. I haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to. Cut a strip of pantyhose. Place it over your brush and push it down to the bottom of the bristles. Brush your hair like normal and when the brush begins to get dirty just lift the pantyhose strip off and replace it with a new one.

If you have anymore ideas please share them with us in the comment section below.

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  1. EviesEarth

    I don’t normally wear pantyhose, but this is a great list! The next time I have a pair to throw out, I am going to save them.

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  3. Vaike

    Love all the great ideas! My husband just came up with an interesting use for tights – as an emergency fan-belt in the car.

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