It’s Not Too Early to Prepare for Winter

February 20th, 2013 BY ChrisD | No Comments

After a record-setting hot summer, it may be hard to think that it is soon drawing toward a close. Perish the thought that winter is fast on its heels. However, it’s not too early to prepare for winter. In fact, it’s a wise course of action to take advantage of these last warm days.

Seal up the house
Now is the perfect time to give the outside of your house a good inspection. Check the foundation and windows. You should fill any gaps you find. Fillers and sealants work better at fall temperatures. As an added benefit, you’ll also prevent water seepage that can cause mold to develop. This is especially important for anyone in your household who suffers from allergies.

You should also take the time to inspect any weather stripping your home may have. If it is cracking, it is time to replace it now before the cold winter winds find their way into your cozy home. Another thing to consider is closing off any doors that you may use infrequently during the winter.

For example, if you use just your front door for exiting your home, consider taping close your backdoor during the winter. You’ll cut off one source of drafts, while saving yourself the trouble of keeping the back entrance clear of snow.

Windows and Sunlight
Thinking about redecorating? Now maybe the perfect time to invest in those heavier curtains. They will help prevent drafts and seal in the warmth of your home. You can also use a thinner curtain with a shear for the same effect.

During the cool days of the year, take advantage of the Earth’s own heating system. Open the drapes on the sunny side of the house to let the warmth flow in. You may find that you can save a little money on your heating costs too.

Don’t forget the landscaping
Winter can take a toll on shrubbery, even the plants that you have along your house to act as a windbreak. Help prevent shrubs such as arbor vitae from broken branches caused by heavy snow by wrapping them in burlap or another suitable material.

The shrubs will be less likely to be negatively impacted by the snow and be able to last another season providing protection. The efforts you take now before the snow flies can help you keep your home warmer and more comfortable.

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