Multiple Uses for Dental Floss

January 17th, 2013 BY Marina Hanes | 1 Comment

Do you floss your teeth every day? Well, if you don’t you should probably start, but dental floss can do more than just remove food and plaque build up from your mouth. Below are some easy ways to use floss for common household situations and those last minute fixes.

  • Lift baked goods off of a baking sheet. Sometimes the bottom of cookies, breads and cakes get stuck to the baking sheet, but by using a strand of dental string, you can remove the baked good without causing it to crumble or crack. Now you can serve perfect baked goods to your family and guests.
  • Slice softer or stickier foods such as cake or cheese with a piece of floss. It’s a challenge to slice softer cheeses with a knife, because it gets stuck to the utensil. However, there isn’t enough space for these foods to stick on a string.
  • Repair outdoor items and even clothing. Even though dental floss is thin, it’s strong and durable, which makes it a handy product to have around when you’re umbrella, backpack, purse breaks. You can even use it in replace of sewing thread, and your button will be less likely to fall off again.
  • Securely hang household décor. Obviously, you can’t hang a heavy mirror with it, but you can use it for smaller pictures, wind chimes, hanging plants, sun catchers, crystals, etc.
  • Use the string to separate old photographs. Over the years, photos can stick to each other and if you pull too hard, you risk ripping the picture. When you’re organizing or scanning those memories onto your computer, separate the pictures with a short strand of floss. It would be a shame to ruin a photo that you don’t have the negative to.
  • Improvise when you’re on the go. Replace a broken shoelace with floss, temporarily repair your necklace or bracelet with a small section of floss, re-attach your bra strap with floss, etc.

Dental floss is a durable string that you probably always have in your home. So why not reuse it or make new uses for it around your home?

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