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May 10th, 2013 BY Marina Hanes | 1 Comment

In order to take proper care of your hair, you don’t those expensive and chemical-containing salon products. Natural ingredients can cleanse your hair and keep it shiny and moisturized. Why would you want to use chemicals on your hair when there are safe, natural alternatives to keep your hair full and healthy anyway?

Your hair can lack the look of health if it’s over styled. For instance, wearing your hair in a ponytail every day can cause strands to break, and if you dry or straighten it regularly, even more split ends occur. This constant stress results in dry hair follicles and dull locks. Quality hair care products can revive your hair and prevent more damage.

Natural hair care products contain organic or holistic ingredients, because they are derived from plants and herbs instead of synthetic materials. Some common natural ingredients include olive oil, vegetable oil, yogurt, eggs, honey, essential oils and coconut milk.

Traditional hair products often contain chemicals, which can actually damage your hair even more. For example, ethylene glycol is toxic but is still used to soften hair. Also, alcohol and formaldehyde dries out the hair. Some products even contain diethanolamine (DEA) and triethanolamine, which are potential carcinogens. Methylisothiazoline is known to cause nerve damage in lab rats, but this chemical has made it into Clairol, Suave and Head and Shoulders hair products.

Instead of risking your health, you can create homemade natural hair products that are safer for your hair, scalp and general well being. To make a shampoo, you need castile soap (liquid or flakes), and then you can enhance the soap by diluting it with water and your favorite essential oil blends or herbs from your garden. For quick conditioning concoctions, coat your hair in eggs or yogurt so your hair immediately looks shiny and smooth.

There are many different homemade shampoo and conditioner recipes you can try out, and sometimes it’s best to experiment and see how your hair responds to the treatments. With homemade natural hair care products, you reduce your exposure to chemicals and save money.

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    Good advice. I would add to it that most people have to experiment with a fair number of different recipes before they discover the perfect homemade shampoo for their hair. So keep trying for best results.

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