Necessary Maintenance for Your Green Lifestyle

June 13th, 2013 BY ChrisD | No Comments
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Living a green lifestyle is not just about putting it on auto-pilot and letting things happen. You need to do necessary maintenance to ensure that you are indeed being earth-friendly. It also ensures that you benefit as well. After all, many of the measures you can take to be green are, in reality, cost savings to you.

Keeping It Clean
If you use cloth bags for shopping, it is essential that you wash them periodically. Though it adds to the environmental impact of cloth bags, it also helps ensure that you are safe from the spread of foodborne illnesses.

A study by the University of Arizona and Loma Linda University in California found that half of the bags sampled had detectable amounts of bacteria, primarily, coliform bacteria including E coli, While the risk for cross contamination is low, researchers recommended weekly washing of reusable bags.

Rinsing Containers
Chances are your waste management service does not require you to remove labels on containers prior to recycling. However, you should take the time to rinse containers before placing them in the bin. First of all, there is the matter of sanitation. Your curbside recycling is probably a weekly service. Just as bacteria can occur in cloth bags, it can be found in your recycling bin.

Another consideration is the workers in the industry. Exposure to bacteria increases their health risks. Certainly, this is little enough price to pay to mitigate potential health hazards on the job.

Staying Current with Junk Mail
Another area for periodic maintenance is your mailbox. If you’re getting more junk mail, take the time to get off of company mailing lists. Paper Karma is a smartphone app available for Android phones and iPhones. You take a photograph of a piece of junk mail, and the app will attempt to get you off of a particular mailing list.

You should also remove your address from automated phonebook deliveries if your household does not use them. In some areas, it is technically illegal to throw them in the trash. Save yourself the hassle and stop them.

Living a green lifestyle is about making earth-friendly choices. An occasional health check ensures you are not straying from the green path.

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