Many Uses of Newspaper Before Recycling

November 21st, 2007 BY Gloria Campos | 11 Comments

Believe it or not, a newspaper is not just made for recycling. Some people read the newspaper and some people get creative and use it for lots of different things. So whether you subscribe to the newspaper or get a local newspaper thrown in your yard (whether you want it or not) don’t just put it in the recycle bin. Make use of it first in any or all of the ways below.

Garden. Newspaper can be used in your garden to discourage weed growth and helps keep moisture around plants. Shred it and spread it out. Then cover it with compost mixture. Avoid adding the glossy advertisement sections, as it can contain harmful chemicals not good for your garden.

Protect plants. You can also protect your plants by using newspaper to cover them in extreme cold weather or by using wet damp newspaper to transplant new plants.

Wrapping gifts. Use colorful sections of the newspaper to wrap gifts. For example: the Sunday comics can be used to wrap presents for kids. The sports sections can be used to wrap up gifts for the sports fan in your family.

Insulation. Rolled up newspaper stuffed under doors, in and around cracks makes good temporary insulation and help you stay warm during the cold season. If you are worried about it looking tacky, you can do it temporarily until you buy more fashionable insulation or only do it a night when no one else can see it.

Crafts. Crafts with newspaper tend to be easy. Some crafts may take time to complete, but they are all fun especially for the kids. Examples of crafts that can be made with newspaper are: Piñatas, wreaths, paper hats, kites, puppets, dolls, and even new paper can be made with newspaper.

Glass cleaner.
Wash your windows with your homemade or store bought eco-window cleaner. Then if you see streaks polish the glass with a piece of crumpled newspaper to help remove the streaks.

Animals. If you have pets, hamsters, cats, etc., you can use newspaper to line around the litter box or bottom of the cage making it easier to clean. If you have birdhouses in your yard you can also line the bottoms of them with newspaper to make it easier to clean out.

Absorbs odor. Newspaper can absorbs odor in shoes, food canisters, suitcases, trunks, drawers, etc. Stuff the newspaper where you need it. Give it a few hours or leave it overnight to absorb odor.

Newspaper is great for stuffing. If you need something to retain its shape such as leather shoes or a hollow craft stuff some newspaper inside. This will help it retain its shape.

Fireplace. Tie newspaper in a knot and use in the fireplace. Or you can make fire logs out of old newspapers. Roll sheets of newspapers up tightly in the shape of a log (don’t use the colored print) and use them in your fireplace.

Packing and storing.
Newspaper is a good way to protect your precious items whether you are moving or just storing some stuff away. Stuff vases, glasses, or other fragile items with newspaper then wrap them in newspaper.

Fragile mail. If you have a package to send out with fragile items inside shredded or crumbled newspaper is useful to stuff around the item in the package and protect it when mailed.

Drop cloth. Whether you are painting, cooking or chaining the oil in your car you can use newspaper to make messes a little easier to clean up. Just place the newspaper where it is needed and do what you need without worrying about staining or messes.

Prompt. Use headlines, pictures or first lines for writing prompts. The newspaper is filled with enough bad news and weird stories to take you out of your worst writers block.

Reading. Read the newspaper. The newspaper is a great source of information. If you don’t have time to read it today, tomorrow or the next day keep it and read it another day. You don’t have to read the whole thing.

What other uses for newspaper do you have?

  1. Lupe

    Very interesting stuff, but im wondering if anyone has ever build a house with it. By making there own newspaper bricks. I have lots of newspaper.

  2. Rebeca

    This is very interesting,but i winder if any one has ever a tower with newspaper befor?

  3. natalie

    i was thinking of making a lampshade with strips of newspaper.. starting on the inside with a non flammable material of course..

  4. Sophie Sweataman

    One thing that is not mentioned is papier mache. Do children still get taught this wonderful art anymore? Could you make an entire igloo or wigwam out of papier mached newspapers?

  5. i889oi


  6. Amber Mac

    You can use newspaper as wall paper. Simply get starch, soak the newspaper in the starch (dip the paper in the starch get it good and wet) then stick it on the wall, make sure there are no bubbles.

    • Responses to Amber Mac
      James says:
      May 10

      LOL ur kidding right? do you live in a 3rd world country or something? uhhhh why would any half-way normal person have newspaper as wallpaper? Unless the homeless shack look is what your going for.

      • 8
        Kelley says:
        June 6

        You are just being rude, James. That is my opinion. I think newspaper as wallpaper would be a cute idea for a kids room (such as comics).

  7. Beca

    I’ve used newspaper to make woven baskets and check book holder. After I’ve made the item I hand paint a design on them,

  8. milletsky

    hi everybody,, you can put newspaper on your child’s effectively absorbs sweat.. far better than towel, diaper or powder… the sweat stays in the newspaper..absorb by the tiny fiber and sink into its tiny pores.. unlike with also absorbs sweat.but bad for your back because it wil just dry the same on your back you might get pneumonia specially for childrens..

  9. Lamngeun Madmanivong

    that is very good way to reuse newspaper, I beleive if people using less can save a world.

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