Phonebook Invasion Or Just Business: Green Tips

December 31st, 2012 BY Gloria Campos | 1 Comment

Every few months new phonebooks are delivered to homes and business. With the use of the Internet not many people have a use for phonebooks anymore and eventually they just get thrown away without ever being used.

Why isn’t there an opt-out the phonebook delivery list option? Money. Phonebook companies make money off the ads they sale and have placed in their phonebooks. If they offered an opt-out option they would loose business.

Still, when you think of all the paper, ink and time wasted making phonebooks and all the waste that phonebooks create when delivered it seems so sinful. The new ones pile up at the door. The old ones are thrown away. Why isn’t there a greener solution to this problem? It turns out there are a few solutions.

First try calling your phonebook company and asking them whom you need to call to take you off the phone book list. You may not have much luck (I didn’t), but perhaps if enough people call them the phonebook companies will eventually get the picture.

Then call your local recycling center and ask them where you can drop off your own phonebooks for recycling. You can also log on to Earth911 to find a location.

Old phonebooks are recycled into new phonebooks, insulation materials, cereal boxes, paper towels, etc. Some local recyclers wont recycle phonebooks, because of the type of material they are made of. Some local recyclers only recycle phonebooks at certain times of the year. To find out the details give them a call.

If your local recycler doesn’t take phonebooks for recycling or help you find a place, below are a few new uses for your old phonebook.

1. The pages from a phonebook make good fire starters in Chimneys. Crumble it up, roll it up or just toss it in.

2. If you paint or do crafts use sheets from the phonebook to protect any furniture, floor or carpet from stains and mess.

3. Tear or shred pages out of the phonebook for packing material.

4. Use phonebook pages as gift-wrap for small gifts.

5. Clean your windows with the phonebook pages. They’re a lot like newspaper in this way. They leave less lint than cloth napkins.

6. Artists or doodlers can turn a phonebook into a big flipbook.

7. Make phone book origami. Tear out several pages from the phonebook, grab an origami book and practice until all the pages are gone if you wish.

8. Put 1 or 2 phonebooks in your car. These days, many people use the Internet to look up phone numbers and addresses from home or work, but many people still don’t have access to the Internet in their cars. A phonebook comes in very handy if you’re looking for a certain business or store.

9. Use them as building blocks to build a new dog house, sturdy chairs and other furniture.

10. Should you make a phonebook booster-seat for the dinnertable? I’ve seen this done a few times and to be honest it worries me. Phonebooks are slippery and not stable. A child (even an adult) can slip and fall off the chair. Remember kids wiggle a lot. However, if you are an adult at someone’s house and you have nowhere to sit, a phonebook is a good alternative to the hard floor.

  1. EviesEarth

    Great tips. I will have to remember some of these as I seem to always get phone books, too many that is. We live in a small town and there are 2 separate phone books handed out!

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