Scrapbook the Old Fashioned and Greener Way

January 24th, 2013 BY Gloria Campos | No Comments

Scrapbooking is a special creative way for scrapbooking fans to preserve and display photographs and collected souvenirs of their life, children, celebrations, wedding or family. Recently, I’ve taken some interest in the art of scrapbooking and have come to the conclusion that it doesn’t have to be as environmentally harmful as it usually is. There are many environmentally friendly ways to put a scrapbook together and still make it look wonderful.

Save and reuse. There are plenty of things around the house that can be saved for later scrapbook use. Obviously saving items such as: movie stubs, tickets, programmes, birth announcements, invitations and children’s drawing are important.

For cute pictures, cut and paste them to the scrapbook pages, save: gift bags, old magazines, candy wrappers, piece of wall paper, cereal boxes, pasta boxes, old greeting cards, retail tags from new clothes and anything else that is colorful and catches your eye. Also ask friends, family and freecycle for leftover scrapbooking items.

For patterned, colorful or textured paper, save: wrapping paper pieces, gift paper, goody bags from birthday parties, streamers, and so on. Consider going on-line, downloading scrapbooking patterns or Ecuts and printing them on recycled paper as well. Some downloads may be free others may charge you a fee to download.

Add more texture to you scrapbook pages by using fabric scraps saved from completed projects. Scraps can also come from your children’s favorite old clothes or favorite old blankets. Cut out pictures, patterns or words from the fabric scraps and paste them to the pages. Fabric scraps can also be sewn to the scrapbook cover to add a special touch.

Collect all the extra buttons, beads and bows around the house. These little decorations have come off clothes, broken jewelry, gift boxes, etc. You probably already have a box in a corner with these items waiting to use some day.

Be courageous and creative and make your own scrapbook paper and rubber stamps. There are many papermaking and rubber stamp making how-to on-line. If you feel this is too much work or too challenging buy recycled paper.

If you feel the need to buy scrapbooking supplies go ahead, but do your best to find eco-alternatives and avoid buying scrapbooking material that uses a lot of packaging or plastic packaging. When you buy only what you will use. Buy sheet protectors that are free from PVC. Buy eco-alternatives to glue, tape and stickers, necessary scrapbooking materials like Coccoina the almond scented glue stick which is non-toxic, non-solvent, and acid free.

If the environmentally friendly scrapbooking items you are looking for are not available in your area consider writing to scrapbook manufacturers and asking that they provide more recycled and sustainable scrapbooking alternatives.

Last but not least consider making a virtual scrapbooking online. It may not be very hands on, but it will be neat, organized and all your friends and family can see it at once.

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