Seven Motivation Tips to Continue Living Green

February 12th, 2014 BY Gloria Campos | 3 Comments

If your situation is like mine you probably don’t have a lot of support or encouragement from the people you know to live an environmentally friendly life. Because you are probably the only one in your family, your neighborhood or your community that lives green it is difficult to stay motivated to continue living a green life and sometimes you just want to quit. Here are a few tips I turn to every now and then when I am in need of motivation to continue living green.

1. Join an environmentally friendly group in your local area. It may seem like you are the only one in your local area living green, but the truth is there are many people living green just like you. The trick is to find them. The good news, today you can go online and find environment communities, buddies, meetings etc in your area. Some groups are general environmental groups covering lots of little tidbits on green living. While others are more specific: organic gardeners, solar voters, chemical free families, etc.

If it happens that you cannot find a group in your area you can still participate online where there are plenty of virtual environmentally friendly groups and communities. The community at is a great place to start.

2. Keep up with environmental news. The more you know about what is going on with the environment the more interested you will be and the more you will want to be a part of making a difference. Keep in mind not to believe everything your read and try, though difficult, to get two unbiased sides to every story.

3. Write for an environmentally friendly blog to encourage others to live green and to make living green a part of your job. Since your job requires you to think of new ways to live green you are constantly thinking about it and therefore living greener. In addition, you will be able to provide others with easily available information that was not so easily available to you until after you researched it.

If writing for someone else’s environmental blog isn’t your thing start your own green blog. To do this search for a site that allows you to sign up for a free blog. You may want to check out the sites reputation before signing up though. A free blog should be free. You should not have to pay for anything.

4. Make living green a business. If you can make a little income (or a lot) while living green then you will definitely stay motivated. For example, if you happen to have a blog, search for environmentally friendly affiliates and sign up with them to promote their products on your blog. Other green business ideas are: sell environmentally friendly products. If you are creative you can make decorations or jewelry out of recycled products and sell them.

In addition the extra income you make from your green business will allow you to buy environmentally friendly products you could not have afforded otherwise.

5. Accept that you were raised in a culture that was and is not environmentally friendly. You must learn to live green and at the same time do things differently from everyone else. That isn’t easy; so don’t overwhelm yourself with greenness. Do what you can one step at a time.

6. Don’t let other’s eco-skeptic or fanatic treehugging views discourage you from what you are doing. There will always be people that think you are not doing enough for the environment and others who think you are a fool for doing anything at all. Like with anything else in life, do the best you can. If you are doing the best you can than be proud of yourself and just keep doing it. In time if you can do more you will.

7. If someone tells you there is no point. That it’s too late. Remember protecting the environment isn’t just about protecting the world from deforestation and global warming. There is much more to it than that. There are many other issues to consider and many things you can do. For example, fighting against cancer causing chemicals, not for the sake of the world, but the current health of our children is something that needs to be taken care of now not ignored. Another example is picking up litter. Picking up litter on the streets of your neighborhood doesn’t have to be about reducing landfill waste. It could be about self-respect alone. Do you really want you and your kids to live in a trashy neighborhood? Are you really going to let litter pile up around you just because some critique says it’s too late to do anything about saving the world?

Don’t forget that we are still alive so how can it be too late. And if you think your individual actions won’t make a difference think again. The ripple you create can travel for miles and miles for years. Just pick up a world history book and see what I mean. Take a look at all the heroes who went on a new adventure alone despite everyone else’s thoughts.

  1. SageMother

    Isn’t the internet wonderful for disseminating information? I have found more tips and ideas than I can implement within the next 10 years, but everyone has to start somewhere!

  2. tater03

    This are great tips. I would love to find a group within my area. I would agree that the internet is a great resource for information. I have found alot on this site alone.

  3. Jewel

    I’m going to have to agree with the others and say that these are great tips. I like number six the best. You cannot please everybody, so live life the way you see it best.

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