22 Things To Do On Earth Day

June 12th, 2013 BY Gloria Campos | 67 Comments

Earth Day is just around the corner. In case you don’t know the date, it is April 22nd, 2008. This year find new ways to celebrate Earth Day, but remember living green is better practiced daily instead of just once a year. Look below for some Earth Day Tips.

1. If you don’t have curbside recycling take your recycling materials to a local school or library with recycling bin. Schools and libraries are paid for the material they recycle. The money they earn goes to providing better services at these facilities (more books, renovations, student trips, etc.).
2. Refer a local non-profit organization to a program like Abitibi Recycling Program or something similar. To make the referral log on to the Abitibi Recycling Program website and fill out the referral form. Abitibi will contact your referral and set it all up for free. The local non-profit organization will earn money for the material they recycle.
3. Start a compost pile, or buy a compost bin to place your leaves and kitchen scraps inside.
4. Take the bus today. If the bus stop is too far away ride your bike to the bus stop. Did you know many buses now have bike racks to place your bikes while riding the bus?
5. Carpool. If your coworker lives on the way to your commute to work go ahead and pick him/her up.
6. Spring clean you home, office or company and donate your unwanted, but still good items, to a resale shop, a church, the Salvation Army or other charity. Your home, your conscious and the earth will be cleaner for it.
7. If you haven’t done so yet replace your light bulbs with energy efficient ones.
8. Donate your electronics to programs such as: Cell Phone for Soldiers, America’s Computers for Kids, etc.
9. Donate money to your favorite green cause.
10. Write a letter or email to your favorite green companies thanking them for doing their part for the environment.
11. Plant a plant or more with your family and if possible with you neighbors.
12. Go online and search for educational recycling crafts (such as making new paper out of old shredded paper) for kids and adults. When you find useful website bookmark them to easily refer to them on rainy days.
13. Be creative and come up with an innovative way to live green.
14. Adopt a beach, a park, or a street and help clean it up.
15. Log on to Earth Day and register to vote.
16. Go to an Earth Day Event. To find a location nearest you visit Earth Day Network.
17. Freecycle! Freecycle! Freecycle!
18. Have a garage sale. You will be surprised at what people will buy at garage sales. You’ll earn a few dollars; clean out your home and help your old items find new homes.
19. Forward links of environmental websites like AboutMyPlanet.com to your friends and family.
20. Organize your address and phone list of resale shops, thrift stores, consignments stores, recycling center and other green locations in an address book. Keep a copy of this list in your car. In addition map out how far away these locations are from each other to save gas when you visit several of these locations at a time.
21. Sign a “green” petition you approve of.
22. Share what you’ve done or plan to do for Earth Day below.

Happy Earth Day!

  1. Fiddlehead Fern

    #23 – Replace Paper or Plastic plates with bio-degradable Palm Leaf Dinnerware. These plates, available from MarxFoods.com, are very stylish, eco-friendly and easy (you won’t have to do the dishes). Plus, after Earth Day you can continue to use them year around in lieu of paper or plastic.

    • Responses to Fiddlehead Fern
      Bandana Mama says:
      April 13

      beware of the friendly face of all this corn plastic…. it’s doing things behind the scenes that you might not be aware of…. like boosting GMO crops and raising the price of other grain crops

      • 3
        Anne says:
        April 22

        ahaahaha were all doing bad things 4 the earth by wasteing electricity by goin on da computer…

      • 4
        Anne says:
        April 22

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      • 5
        Green Critic says:
        March 14

        Seriously? You can do way better than that. Both of you, Bandana Mama, and Fiddlehead Fern. BTW, why do you have those names? And if you really loved the Earth you’d stop using the computer to save energy and go out and clean up trash!

      • 6
        bilal says:
        April 12

        in this earth day we will celebrates in new ways…………

  2. pablo

    this is an awesome website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jeanna

    HI! THanks for the great ideas! I plan on teaching my little ones a little more about recycling and other things we can do to keep our earth healthy. I posted a link to this site on my blog too! Hope you get a couple visits.

  4. big pappa

    well u are all just a bunch of tree hugers

    • Responses to big pappa
      Corrine says:
      April 22

      obviously you are also or you wouldnt be on this website and if you dont have anything better to do with your life than to get on these sites and degrade people for maikng YOUR planet better than I feel sorry for you!

    • 11
      Raina Bobana says:
      March 25

      What’s wrong with hugging a tree if it’s good for the environment?

    • 12
      Mia says:
      April 19

      im 12. im a tree hugger already. so what?

    • 13
      Bigger Mama says:
      April 22

      You said it big Daddy. Hit me up some time

      • 14
        TreeFlower says:
        April 22

        I am offended, I just love the environment and everything it provides for us especially oil

    • 15
      Jesica says:
      April 22

      I make out with them too, wanna watch?

    • 16
      basketballstar says:
      April 22

      so what’s wrong wit bein a tree hugger. atleast these people are trying to held the environment!! these people are giving the earth something! they’re loving the earth! unlike you

    • 17
      Hippy lady says:
      April 28

      ur stupid, tree huggers rock

    • 18
      Hippy lady says:
      April 28

      we just care about our earth! I guess u dont!!!!!

    • 19
      Daniel says:
      April 26

      Why are all of u getting offended??
      if u think being a tree hugger is bad then why are you one anyways?

  5. adrian

    yall are just a bunch of tree huggers

    • Responses to adrian
      Allison says:
      April 20

      What you dont understand is, caring for the earth is a good thing…and its not fair for people like me and and on this website and around the world to get picked on because we care about where we LIVE!!!! so I think Adrian, you need 2 get a life and ”big papa”! We are the beter people on this planet that care about where we live and you are not.

    • 22
      mayo says:
      April 22

      screw you red neck

    • 23
      Alli55 says:
      April 22

      I actually care about where we live Adrian and u live here to and i am proud about being a ”tree hugger.” Thanks to people who help the earth out, we will enjoy our planet longer.

  6. nonya

    well adrian i disagree u dnt hve to be a tree hugger to care abt the enviornment!!! Remeber u live here too

  7. 86930

    i lovvvvvvvvvve this website

  8. Carrie

    I’m going to pick up some litter. I’m recycling newspapers to make kindling for cabin this winter. Donating items in and around my home to The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Also, reading a book to my grandchildren about recycling.

  9. Coconutty Monkey


    • Responses to Coconutty Monkey
      Because I said so says:
      April 22

      Printing lots of paper, not so good.

      • 29
        YeahIAmRight says:
        April 22

        Leave coconutty alone, this person is obviously doing what they can to get the message out. Maybe instead of just criticizing, offer coco some suggestions, like sending this info in an email or via facebook, twitter, etc. Or print stuff off using recycled paper. The point is, if coco wants to get the word out, eventually it will do more good than harm, hopefully. If that means printing out a few hundred fliers, so be it. Who knows what the impact could be?

  10. akshata

    earth will be happy i will make alot of things for you ,earth!

    • Responses to akshata
      April 19

      also dont use too much traffic petrol
      dont use too much natural resoures….
      i like ur opinion akshata

  11. Missy Conrady


  12. get pwned

    i skate boarded to school. i heart earth day

  13. treehuger

    this is so great! thank u everyone for helping

  14. treehuger

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  15. Cheree

    I Love Earth Day.. So what we’re hippies we wants what’s best for our Planet. Tree Huggers, damn right I hug trees.. Make sure you guys check out the Kleenex comes with more than a feeling on Greenpeace.com. If your using Kleenex products your cutting down our ancient forests!!

    ..For Earth day I’m going to plant some flowers, and RECYCLE my cans that I’ve been putting off lol =D

    Happy Earth Day everyone!!

  16. bob

    Awsome website

  17. G

    Here is my list of Suggestions for Earth Day!

    1. Burn your trash….pile on the styrofoam and plastic.

    2. If you have trees to cut down do it today. Make sure you use a gasoline powered chain saw.

    3. Don’t put off buying that gas guzzling SUV or Hummer any longer…no better day than today.

    4. Gather all the aerosol cans you can get together and put them off at one time.

    5. Put regular trash in the Recycling bin and recycables in the trash bin.

    6. If you hunt, today is the day! Get that 8-point buck or cute little rabbit!

    7. Pour your grease down the drain.

    8. Turn on your car and let it idle…just make sure it isn’t in the garage with the door closed or there could be a problem.

    9. Turn on every light in your house.

    10. Send pictures of roadkill to PETA.

    11. Buy all the non-flurescent bulbs you can.

    12. Replace low flow showerheads with real showerheads.

    13. Turn the faucet on and let it run all day.

    14. Wear fur.

    15. Breathe….environmental wackos will hate this because you are releasing CO2 into the air.

    16. Buy an acre of the rainforest…and then burn it down to make room for a luxury spa.

    All other suggestions welcomed!!!!

    • Responses to G
      J says:
      April 22

      that’s some great stuff to do on Earth Day!!

    • 40
      You dumb idiot says:
      April 23

      U are so stupid. in number 13 is so STUPID!!! is gonna cost more from your bill. also why you want to burn a rainforest. There is living animals in there. Why dont you burn yourself in there and lets see how you like it. so you better stop posting stupid stuff that dont make sense. Also if you put aersol cans all in one time you are going to die. So shut up with that stupidity. OKAY!!!!

  18. chupie

    hey …goodwebsite

  19. sameeksha

    very well done

  20. sameeksha

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  21. kenisha

    i really like this website
    i clean up every saturday

  22. karson

    people need to stope calling us tree hugers donte get mad at us because we want are earth to be alive and well 4 the next 400 or more years

  23. eco-famstone

    thank you for teaching me about the palm leaf dinnerware. my family is going to purchase a bunch and give some as gifts.

    • Responses to eco-famstone
      dr greenthumb says:
      April 22

      dude that sounds cool. whats palm leaf dinner ware

  24. dr greenthumb

    i love the earth(: yo

  25. CFC Generator

    I like to turn on my electric furnace, and then run all 8 of my window air conditioners – it’s the ”Interior Climate Smackdown!”

    I also start up all of my lawn mowers (5!) and let ’em run at a nice, smokey idle. On earth day, I add a little oil to the gas, so they REALLY stink up the air.

    Next, I start a bonfire, right next to the river running behind my house, and burn all the styrofoam I’ve saved up for the whole year. It burns GREAT doused in diesel fuel!

  26. monica

    where green shirts and have every body sign it

  27. CFC Generator

    Think I’ll do what I did to celebrate ’earth hour’ too. It was this:
    I personally started up all 3 of my tractors yesterday. I’ve had them running at a high idle since then. I found that using my oven cleaner with all four burners on uses a LOT more electricity, so that’s how I decided to roll. You should SEE my electric meter spin!!! Of course, all the lights are on, and all the radios, TVs, etc., too. Since my kitchen is getting really hot with the stove going full blast, I decided to open the fridge and freezer to cool it down a little. I also found that by alternating heat and air conditioning, (Cool down to 68 or so, then heat up to around 76) you can REALLY use up some Kilowatts. I absolutely LOVE the PETA thing – ”People Eating Tasty Animals” – if animals weren’t meant to be eaten, they wouldn’t be made of meat, right? No PC here, either, except the two old ones I dragged out of my shed with my old CRT monitors. Those things use a lot of electricity, and generate enough heat to heat a stadium! This afternoon, I will go clear-cut about a dozen trees off my land, to make room for my styofoam bonfire tonight. It burns GREAT when you pour diesel fuel over it!

    • Responses to CFC Generator
      earthlover says:
      April 22

      dear cfc generator, you are a horrible person and i hope your house gets blown away by a tornado. go to pluto and please suffocate, since you don’t care about oxygen.

      • 53
        CFC Generator says:
        June 4

        I know where you live, jackass. See you later.

    • 54
      Sheepherder. says:
      April 22

      Why you did this, who knows. But i bet it cost you a whole lot of money, and I hope your now in dept because of the horrible things that you have done.
      - cheers mate, your a hero.

  28. Biggest Earth Mama

    I never knew that so many people took earth day as a personal insult. I love earth day and the reminder to take care of it, sometimes we get so busy we forget that the water and earth is what feeds us, clothes us and puts a roof over our heads. So to all of those people who start up their lawnmowers, clear cut the rain forest why don’t you grow up and stop being ignorant! Also if you have children you may want to rethink the rolemodel that you aren’t, oh and explain to them why you are the reason for global warming! Much luv

  29. Biggest Earth Mama

    Oh and my contribution this year for earth day is I started using cloth diapers!

  30. amber

    i love this websit it helps wat you need to do on earth day lol

  31. Jill

    i’m very confused about why some people don’t want their planet to be clean, and have enough time on their hands to go and write negative things to people who keep this earth clean for them. ridiculous.

  32. Jill

    i’m very confused about why some people don’t want their planet to be clean, and have enough time on their hands to go and write negative things to people who keep this earth clean for them. ridiculous.

  33. Jill

    i’m very confused about why some people don’t want their planet to be clean, and have enough time on their hands to go and write negative things to people who keep this earth clean for them. ridiculous.

  34. bill

    i love the earth

  35. Tree Hugger 101

    Well i think all of yall should really save the planet. if you want to see what some idiots do in this world go to teachertube.com and type on search Earth Day 2010. Is such a great experience to me and my sistas. it helped me think and i start doing stuff that is gonna help the environment. so please really pay attention and see what is around us and see what are we doing to the world. Please Help the Planet!!!!!

  36. jojoheart

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  37. Emma

    It is absolutely nice points, Well written post on your site, thank you for sharing.

  38. Squirrel

    I love the earth. I’m happy because they finally put recycling dumpsters in our alley! On earth day i am going to send ways to help the earth via email to all of my family.

  39. courtney

    Earth Day is AWESOME its green day is that why there is a band called green day???

  40. Shannon Hutchinson

    Dear Earth day it was a good day for in the earth what different in the earth
    To earth Day
    From Shannon Hutchinson

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