Valentine Gifts Kids Can Make From Scrap and Junk

December 10th, 2013 BY Gloria Campos | No Comments
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My kids get really excited about Valentine’s Day. In fact,
my youngest daughter is so ready to celebrate it she is drawing hearts
everywhere and already talking about her Valentines party. If your kids are
like mine show them how much you love them and help them craft gifts for their
loves ones. Take a look at some of the eco-friendly Valentine crafts/gift ideas
I found online below. 


Cardboard Tube Cupid

This cute little eco-cupid is made out with a toilet paper
roll, chenille stems, felt, construction paper, cotton
balls and some paint. If you are a crafty person, you may already have many of
these items already at home. If not substitute with something similar that you
do have at home already and make the craft your own. The idea is here for
inspiration. For complete instructions click here.


Crazy Crayons

I’ve made crazy crayons with my kids before and they love
them. I love them because it’s a great way to recycle all those tiny pieces of
crayons that are just too small to color with. I also think it is great that
they can be melted into different shapes too, like hearts. All it takes is a
heart shaped mini-cakes baking tin. The best part about this craft is that
crazy crayons make great little Valentine gifts for your kids or your kid’s
friends. For complete instructions click here.

Egg carton Heart

I like this craft because it looks nice enough to hang on a
wall and makes a great valentine gift your child can give to anyone they love.
All it takes is a nice frame, which can be found at a resale shop, an egg
carton, card stock (poster board could work as well), and some red paint. For
complete instructions click here.


Milk Carton Plant Potter

For this project a milk jug, scrap paper and glue will do
the trick. Once your kids have glued on their décor to the milk jugs, they can
have even more fun adding soil 
(kids love to get dirty) and some seeds or a transplanted plant can be
added to complete the project. It is easy enough for a small child to do it and
fun enough for an older child to do as well. Decorative pots like these can be
placed in the kitchen window for everyday viewing and cooking (herb garden).
For complete instructions click here.


Heart Pillow

A heart pillow is a sweet and harmless gift one child can
give to another and all it takes if fabric scraps, some buttons and a little
sewing. The sewing can be done by the adult (you) or by the child (if he or she
is old enough to sew). ). For complete instructions click here.

Many of the crafts above will require some assistance from
adults and of course some clean up. Let your kids do each project as much as
possible and only intervene when asked or for safety reason (ex. melting
crayons). Remind them when you can that these projects are mostly made wit
recycled material to help them understand how everyday trash can become art. Also
keep in mind that these ideas above are only ideas and that in the end it’s up
to your child and you how a craft should look. 


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