Veg Out While Dining Out

January 7th, 2013 BY Marina Hanes | No Comments

The days of having a vegetarian/vegan dilemma when it comes time for eating out are slowing becoming the days of old. Now with the Internet and new iPhone apps, you can scout out the best veg-friendly eateries from home or your car. Vegetarian/vegan options are more conveniently available than you might think.

Strict vegetarians and vegans deal with food on a daily basis just like a non-veg person, but if the alternatives weren’t so readily accessible, vegans wouldn’t exist. In the past, it might have been more challenging to find dairy free and meat free meals, but products in the grocery stores as well as meals in restaurants are starting to accommodate for this group. Even if you want to live a greener lifestyle by eating vegetarian/vegan meals when dining out, you can do this with the click of a mouse or touch of your finger.

Many restaurant menus are listed online for you to view. So if you’re weary about finding something decent to eat, you can make sure they have delicious meals for you too. Some sites you can check out include, and It’s also beneficial to read the reviews and ratings too. Another option is to call the restaurant directly and find out what they have to offer, especially when the menu isn’t listed online.

An even faster way to figure out where you can eat is to use a new app called Veg Out, which is a vegetarian restaurant guide available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Through the settings, you can add your current location and find vegetarian, vegan and veg-friendly dining areas that are one, two, five, ten or twenty miles away. Once it processes your request, you can look at the places on the map and even get quick directions to the one you want to go to. You might be surprised and find a place you never knew about that is only a few miles away from you.

Whether you’re traveling or at home base most of the time, there are several ways to find veg-friendly restaurants to help keep you on your eco-friendly diet or open up your eyes to the alternatives.

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