Winter Proofing Your Home

April 3rd, 2014 BY Jessica Taylor-Cassan | No Comments

            Winter seems to be approaching very quickly and that means it’s the perfect time of year to start thinking about cold proofing your home. There are plenty of things you can do to make your home more heat efficient for the winter and keep those icy drafts from sneaking in. here are some easy ways to winter proof your home before the snow flies.


·        Make sure any cracks are sealed up around the house especially in the basement where cold and damp can easily seep in. Also check doors, door frames, and window frames. Most hardware stores carry inexpensive, easy to use crack sealing products.

·        If there is a door that you don’t use very often consider insulating it and sealing it up for winter.

·        Consider putting up thermally lined curtains to trap heat. Keep the curtains open during sunny days to allow heat to get in and close them at night or when it is cloudy or the heat is turned on to keep it inside.

·        Cover your windows and seal them with plastic to keep more heat in your home. You might want to keep one or two uncovered so you can let in some fresh air for a few minutes to keep the air in your home from becoming stuffy or stale.

·        Purchase or make some warm, eco-friendly throw rugs to place around the home especially on hardwood or tiled floors that tend to be very cold on bare feet.

·        Keep things cozy and warm by having lots of fluffy slippers and soft throw blankets around the house. That way you will be less likely to turn the heat up higher than it needs to be.

·        Make sure to foam or insulate any pipes, wires, or vents that lead to outside to keep cold air from sneaking in.

·        Make sure your attic is properly insulated, and insulate and block any basement windows that you don’t really need during the winter.

·        Have your ducts and vents checked and cleaned every year before the winter months to ensure maximum efficiency.

·        Check around the outside of your home for any repairs that need to be made like loose siding, roof repairs, and if the weather stripping around your outside doors and windows is intact and tight.

·        If you have a fireplace make sure your chimney is inspected fully and cleaned to avoid chimney fires and try blocking off the fireplace when it is not in use to reduce the amount of cold air getting in. If you don’t use the fireplace block it off for the winter.


Keeping your home warm during the winter without using too much heat and energy can be a challenge, but luckily there are a lot of little things that make a big difference in getting your home ready to take on the cold. Keeping your closet stocked with warm sweaters and cozy winter clothing can also make a big difference to your heating bill. With all the money you save from your heating bill by making minor changes you may be able to invest in a more energy efficient heating system next year.

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