Two new dams for the Amazon River

November 11th, 2013 BY Eve Rickert | 7 Comments

After two years of debate, Brazil’s environment agency Ibama has given initial permission for two multi-billion dollar dam projects on the Madeira River, one of the tributaries of the Amazon. Environmentalists fear the projects will threaten the river’s exceptional fish diversity and encourage development in the sensitive Amazon region, but President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is determined the country will not face another round of power cuts like those that happened in 2001. Ibama has attached 33 environmental conditions to the dam projects before it will issue its final approval.

Source: Gary Duffy, Brazil gives Amazon dams go-ahead. BBC News, July 10.

  1. boo

    i think that this is a good piece of information for my assignment but do you know if the amazon river has any dams , not just its tributaries?

  2. peeca

    has the aactual river got a dam

  3. Nat

    how many dams are on the rivar and its tributaries? i cant get past all the talk on new dams being built.

  4. cheergirl1997

    i need to no how many dams are in manaus, brazil

  5. CoDeMaSsTeR

    hi people and what the information says there is bound to be one dam on the river………think about it

  6. kwesi

    hey thanks for helping me out

  7. martha

    it haas 54 damns

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