Another Reason to Watch “24”

August 8th, 2013 BY Katie Rawls | 2 Comments

Many fans of the American hit television series, “24”, will be happy to hear that not only is the main character, Jack Bauer, going to fight all the bad guys on screen, but the show will be fighting pollution off screen, too.

What is “24”?

This Emmy and Academy Award winning series, produced by Imagine Television and broad casted by Fox Network and other syndicated networks around the world, is categorized as an action-filled drama and thriller, in case there are some that are unfamiliar with the show. Its plot is intense and is called “24” because each season depicts a 24 hour day, which is broken down into one hour increments for each episode.

Their Goal

This television production has several goals in mind as they film the next season. They want to be the first television show to cut their emissions low enough to be “carbon neutral” by its season finale. “Carbon neutral” is when something gives a carbon balance of zero. The show only wants to put out as much carbon as they use.

In doing this, they have already brought the issue to the attention of millions of viewers. And they plan to hold their attention by educating their audience on the issues of global warming and climate change.

Howard Gordon, the executive producer, gave deeper insight into this purpose when he said, “We care deeply about this issue at ‘24,’ and we wanted to do our own small part to be part of the solution. We looked at how we produce the show, and realized that there were some substantive changes we could implement which would make a real difference. But even more importantly, we hope to inspire our audience to look at what they can do in their own lives to help stem global warming. We think this will be the beginning of a conversation with our millions of viewers that will hopefully inspire them to take action around the world.”

How Will They Do It?

The show will be taking important steps to clean up their sets and make them more efficient. Their generators ran on electricity in previous seasons, and their vehicles ran on regular diesel. They will now correct this by using bio-diesel fuel to power vehicles and generators instead. This will decrease emissions on their vehicles up to 5% and their generators up to 100%, which will be a significant change.

They hope to incorporate more hybrid vehicles into their sets as well. They will also be purchasing their energy from various renewable wind, water, and solar sources. And they will be rewiring the stage to use electric power instead of diesel-generated power, as it had done in the past.

The show will also have global warming issues woven into story lines to quietly increase awareness as their viewers watch, as well as offer more information and tips on their online site at here.

Reaching Their Audience

“24” seems to be continuing its expertise in keeping their viewers intrigued. With this latest development in efficient production, fans can feel even better about watching the upcoming season in January, because the show not only cares about their audience, but about the world, too.

  1. JOHN

    i luv it, would luv to be apart of something like this. please keep me informed and motivated…

  2. tater03

    I love this show and you are right this is just another reason to like it. I love that a show such as this is promoting this.

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