Apple Inc. Switching To Renewable Energy At Major Data Center

December 23rd, 2012 BY VeganVerve | No Comments

Everyone knows that the internet is a massively used forum for information and interaction. Millions, perhaps billions, of people log on to the internet daily worldwide. Immense companies have grown through the internet, including Facebook, Apple, Google, Yahoo and many others. These companies, due to their popularity and growth, have enormous data centers.

The energy used when scouring the net is not just in the energy required to power your individual computer. There is energy required behind all of your actions, including using email and search engines. These functions require energy to be used at the aforementioned data centers, data centers which consume considerable levels of energy each year. The figure continues to rise as the internet becomes more intertwined with everyday actions and life in general.

The majority of the energy required to power these large data centers comes from coal, or non-renewable sources in general. As the internet sector continues to grow many companies are attempting to green their companies in order to reduce their environmental impact. Such steps are important since Greenpeace reports indicate all of the global telecommunications and data centers in the world currently combine to equal the world’s fifth largest energy, just behind China, the U.S., Russia and Japan. Such figures date back to 2010 which means the field is likely to have expanded even more.

One company known for making attempts to reduce their carbon footprint is Google Inc, which has contributed significantly to renewable causes, including wind farms. Now another company is joining the green movement in order to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. Apple Inc. recently announced that they will be aiming to make their key North Carolina data center reliant only on renewable sources.

Apple Inc. intends to build two solar farms in Maiden, North Carolina. The company will be using high efficiency solar panels which will be able to attain 84 million kWh each year. These solar installations are currently in the process of being built while a third renewable energy source is targeted to be built later this year-that being a biogas fuel cell plant.

Taking an enormous data center like Apple’s in North Carolina and essentially removing the carbon footprint is a major step for telecommunications and companies like Apple Inc.. With the growing example of greening internet companies, the field has the potential to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

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