Baby, it’s Cold Outside

December 27th, 2012 BY Heather Utendorf | 1 Comment

It’s getting cold outside and time to find ways of staying warm without sending your energy usage through the roof. There are a lot of different ways to stay toasty this winter. Check out some of these energy friendly products on the market:

Heated Foot Mat: Have cold feet? If your feet are cold, you’re going to feel cold all over. This new mat (18″L x 19″W) is great for warming you up. Using less energy than a light bulb, the carpeted Heated Foot Mat isn’t going to break the bank on electricity useage. You can use it anywhere – under desks and tables, or next to sofas and chairs, two convenient remote-switched settings of radiant heat deliver gently soothing foot warmth that never burns and can’t overload. The mat retails for $99.00.

Ecofan and Ecofan Plus: To get the most warmth from your fireplace without wasting massive amounts of wood and timber, you can use the innovative Ecofan to boost the efficiency up to 30%. According to the product description – “Using simple thermodynamic technology, the hotter your stove gets, the faster it quietly propels heat back into your living space — using zero electricity. Peak performance occurs at surface temperatures of 400°-650°F. A temperature-sensitive, bimetal strip on the unit automatically tilts it slightly to prevent overheating. “ The Ecofan Plus has a larger heat conducting surface. This product retails for $109-159.

Car Cozy Heated Blanket (41″ x 57″): Do you travel a lot or have a long commute? Then the Car Cozy Heated Blanket isn’t just for comfort, but it could help keep you warm if you breakdown in the winter. Soft, 100% polyester fleece travel blanket has an 8-foot cord, plugs into a 12-volt lighter socket for quick warmth whenever you need it. Draws 2.9 amps, about as much as your parking lights. You can stay warm without running the engine continuously. The blanket retails for $39.00.

  1. debrajean

    I like the sounds of the heated blanket, just the thing for a cold car seat in the morning. Another thing I use that is super cheap and works great…Hot Hands and Feet. Little packets that you slip into your mittens and boot and warm up with your body heat. They’re awesome!

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