Controversy Over EPA Requiring Companies To Submit Emissions Data To Place Online

March 9th, 2014 BY VeganVerve | No Comments

Greenhouse gas emissions are a controversial issue in the United States. Many major companies disagree with current pollution standards and standards expected to be put in place as the United States tries to do their part to combat global warming. A new move by the Environmental Protection Agency is angering companies once again regarding emissions.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is now going to require companies to submit their emissions information in order to make the information available online. The information the EPA is requesting includes not only the greenhouse gas emission totals but the data the companies have used to determine their emissions. This includes the companies submitting information for individual facilities.

The EPA is expecting companies which release equal to or more than 25,000 tonsĀ  of greenhouse gas emissions each year to submit such data. Companies which manufacture vehicles and engines and which supply fossil fuels are all included in the requirement as well. The EPA has stated that the reason for the requirement is to check the emission data given by each company and to make it public knowledge. The EPA also wants to use the data to track to see if current and future regulations are improving emissions.

However, the requirements are being met with great opposition. Many companies which would be required to submit their information are upset about having to submit their information for individual facilities and the information they used to figure their emissions. The companies state that such information disclosure could give competitors important data about their companies.

The companies would prefer to give their data to an outside third party in order to verify information for the EPA. However, currently the EPA plans on implementing the requirements. One way for the companies to avoid issue with the data requirement would be to install greenhouse gas emission measurement devices on their facilities, which would measure the greenhouse gas emissions without calculations being necessary. However, such equipment is expensive and most companies do not have them.

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