Driving Change Program Studies Emissions And Driving Style

January 17th, 2013 BY VeganVerve | No Comments
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A program entitled “Driving Change” has committed to determining the effect driving style has on vehicle emissions. The program has been tracking 160 Denver city vehicles and 240 privately owned vehicles. The EnCana Oil & Gas company is financing the program, while Enviance Inc. and Cartasite Inc. are handling the data collection via the internet.

The data collection device is a small black instrument attached to the driver’s side windshield. The data is transmitted through a cellular telephone network and accessible via the internet.

By not letting your vehicle idle, cutting back on rapid accelerations and only lightly tapping brakes reduces emissions by 10 percent. As of March, the city of Denver will have a year’s worth of data which will determine if they equip more of their vehicles with the devices.

Since those participating in the program are able to check their data online, it has increased their driving style changes. Just between the months of May and November, participants idled 35 percent less than they used to.

Enviance Inc. stated: “The gasoline savings amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for a fleet of 2,000 vehicles, confirming that what’s good for the planet is also good for the bottom line.”

These devices would go far to allow everyday drivers to understand the impact their driving (or idling) has on emissions and gasoline usage. With a successful trial run, the companies involved may be looking to expand the data collection to the general public.

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