Eco House Kits

February 8th, 2013 BY AceFisch | 1 Comment

Green house kits cross the threshold from building your own eco-friendly home to simply cleaning the home you have. Here are some of the best “Go Green” kits on the market for your own already-established home, in hopes that one small kit can spark a lifetimes of conservation. 

  • Eco-me Home: To start is the relatively simple Eco-me Home kit by Eco-Me. Rangign in price from $26 to $36 , these kits are made not just for home cleaning, but also for Dog, Cat, Baby and Body. Instead of resorting to harsh chemical cleaners, Eco-Me uses “100% natural do-it-yourself” kits in which you combine the kit ingredients to make non-toxic and chemical-free cleaners without chemical colorants or ammonia.
    Like making your own household cleaners, these Eco-Me kits are a great way to get started on the eco-clean wave, but are limited in their scope, pertaining mainly to home cleanliness and personal hygiene. They make great gifts for friends just hopping on the environmental train, or for yourself if you have a new baby (either child or pet) and you want to get off on the right track. But what about overall home environmental awareness? 
  • Green Home Starter Kits: Lets Go has complied a trio of versatile kits that do more than clean, but also helps reduce physical waste from your home. Their three main kits range from a 1-bathroom house kit at $74.39 to a 3-bathroom house kit for 4168.99 and include biodegradable bath tissue and paper towels, eco-friendly cleaners, reusable cellulose sponges, 60watt CFL light bulbs, and a great green tote for use anywhere around the house, or even at the store.
    As the number of bathrooms in a house goes up, so does what the kits include. Instead of focusing on simply cleaning, the Green Home Starter Kits also branches out to other means of going green such as energy conservation (CFL bulbs) and reusable and biodegradable products.
  • Greenmaker Supply: Perhaps one of the most comprehensive kits on the market is from Greenmaker Supply. At about $100, this kit includes a CFL bulb, solar LED flashlight, a Kill-a-Watt electricity usage monitor, a LED night light and weatherization kit, two faucet aerators, a water-efficient toilet tank fill valve and water-efficient showerhead, biodegradable kitchen waste bags and a reusable Greenmaker tote and an assortment of all-natural cleaning products.
    Not only does this kit include the basics in cleaning supplies, but also in all-around home care. With this you can not only helps reduce electric use, but also get started on further reduction aided by the included electricity usage monitor. 

In all, there are a variety of kits out there aimed at helping you start your home greening process, but it shouldn’t end there. Green cleaning is a great start, but in the end it is comprehensive kits like Greenmaker Supply that spawn all-around awareness of the way in which each part of your home can be made greener, whether it be scrubbing the kitchen counter or counting your electricity usage. Make kits the start, but not the end.
  1. Michelle Miller

    HELP! Disbled, really fixed income and living is rough in Alaska. Any ideas about housing possibiliies, eco-friendly building, yurts, ”Earth-ships” So much out there, I really don’t know where to begin to look. Any information you could provide would be great. I realize you are more than likely busy, so whenever o.k. Also, I live on the Kanai, Alaska peninsula. Thank you so much, Michelle Miller.

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