Fruit Bats In Cyrus Close To Extinction

April 9th, 2014 BY Craig Baird | 1 Comment

It seems that every single day we have to learn about another animal that is close to extinction. While our planet goes through its sixth major extinction, cause almost exclusively by humans, thousands of species of life are dying and it is expected as much as 50 percent of the lifeforms alive today will be gone by 2100, which will completely alter the eco-systems of the planet. In addition, humans may also go extinct if we do not learn about the delicate balance all life plays on Earth and how much we actually need those lifeforms.

Well, according to a new study it looks like the fruit bat in Cyrus is another animal that could be dead soon because of human carelessness. According to European
experts on the fruit bat, the bat is especially threatened because many
farmers see it as a huge pest to their fruit crops, making it target
number one for many farmers looking to get rid of vermin. This is by no
means the only bat to be suffering at the hands of humans. Of the
41,000 species of bats around the world, 16,000 are under threat of
going extinct.

Currently, the only country in Europe home to the fruit bat is
Cyprus and hundreds of years of trying to get rid of the fruit bat
because of its effect on fruit crops has left the species close to
extinction. The government even used to hand out free bullets to shoot
the bats. While the fruit bat is now under protection, it is still
waiting to see its numbers rise again. The government of Cyprus is
doing its part by investing in nets to protect fruit from the bats, and
therefore protect the bats from the humans. Hopefully in time the bat
will recover.

Bats have a raw deal around the world, and are widely seen as a pest
that needs to be eradicated. Some countries even serve bats on the
menu. With 16,000 species near extinction, we are going to need to
change our perceptions of this fascinating mammal, lest we lose it
before it is too late. Sadly, this is just one animal that is at risk of extinction, among thousands of species suffering the same fate.

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    I agree that bats have gotten a really raw deal from our species, we seem to project our darkest and most unreasonable fears onto their very existence.

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