The Hundred Mile Challenge

April 15th, 2014 BY Jessica Taylor-Cassan | No Comments

There’s a brand new way to eat for anyone concerned about the environment and the advantages are many. I’m talking about the hundred mile diet plan and this is one diet that isn’t a fad. If you’ve never heard of the hundred mile diet, it is a new eating plan based on eating foods produced within one hundred miles of your own home. This is a greener alternative to the way we eat now, where the typical meal ingredient has been shipped 1,500 miles to make it to our plates. The most exciting aspect of this diet is the fact that it is a simple and fun way to help the environment.

How it works — The hundred mile diet is a way to get people to eat foods grown and produced locally. This may sounds limiting, but it’s a lot easier than some people think. The diet plan includes anything that is produced within 100 miles of your home. This includes any food group within your area and with a little research you may find some things that will surprise and delight you. For example I recently found out that the Kellogg’s cereal factory is within my area. I also found a fresh fruit and vegetable stand within the hundred mile limit from my home and found seasonal berries, meat, cheese, bread, wine, and basically anything else you can think of all produced within a hundred miles of me. The results will be different for different areas but people across the country who have taken this challenge have found a lot more than they would have expected.

What are the benefits? — There are many benefits to the hundred mile diet. Eating within a hundred miles of your home reduces the shipment of your food. A lot of foods are shipped long distances to get to your local grocery store and eating food that is produced locally greatly decreases your carbon footprint. The hundred mile diet allows you to explore your own community and meet new people who live near you if you are going right to the source. You will be supporting local farmers, which in turn will help the local economy and keep money within your community. Obviously there are some restrictions with a diet like this. There are some specialty foods which are not produced locally or sometimes even nationally, but even buying the things that you can find locally is a positive step for the environment.

The hundred mile diet is an innovative approach to helping the environment. People are taking advantage of this idea with exciting new interpretations. There are restaurants which are using only food grown locally, restaurants that are taking the extra step and actually growing their own fresh vegetables, and charity dinners that are promoting the hundred mile challenge by offering foods only within the region. People are using local foods for weddings, birthday parties and other events. If your area is limited as to what is produced you can widen the net. Try eating things only produced within your province or state. Whatever interpretation of the hundred mile diet plan that you follow have fun with it. The possibilities can be numerous and exciting.

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