Hybrids Growing In Popularity Across U.S. According To Poll

August 18th, 2012 BY VeganVerve | No Comments
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Hybrid and electric vehicles have faced an uphill battle for popularity, especially across the United States. Questions of dependability, comparability to conventional vehicles and cost have all been topics of concern. However, a new Harris Poll indicates that the moods may be slowly changing in the United States in terms of how hybrid vehicles are perceived and the level of interest consumers have in purchasing them.

The poll in question is the Harris Poll conducted between May 7th and May 15th of this year. A total of 2,634 individuals were polled that were at least 18 years old. However, only 1,991 of those polled currently own or lease a vehicle. Overall the poll showed a considerable interest in hybrid and electric vehicles, especially for younger individuals.

According to the poll, thirty-two percent are interested in purchasing a hybrid vehicle and have been for at least a year. An additional twenty-three percent of individuals indicated they are more interested now than they were a year ago in hybrid vehicles. However, thirty-seven percent stated that they have zero interest in hybrids, nor have they had interest in the past.

Those most interested in purchasing hybrid vehicles are those in the age range 18-35, of which forty percent have been interested in hybrids for more than a year and thirty-two percent have more interest now than one year ago. Fifty-two percent of those 67 or older showed no interested in hybrids, likely exposing a generational gap consistent in the study.

Overall fifty-nine percent will still consider purchasing a conventional model, versus only twenty-six percent for hybrid and only nine percent for all electric vehicles. Those wishing to purchase a hybrid or electric vehicle generally noted saving money as the main reason for wanting such a vehicle, with fifty-five percent choosing this response. Only twenty-six percent noted the environment, while another eighteen percent referred to wanting to reduce dependency on oil.

Overall the Harris Poll indicates that hybrids are likely slowly becoming more mainstream, although conventional vehicles are still preferred overall. The cost effectiveness of hybrids and electrics could prove to be the winning feature of the vehicles.

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