Why Is Recycling Important?

May 31st, 2008 BY Gloria Campos | 128 Comments

Why Is Recycling Important, you may ask. Recycling is reusing materials in original or changed forms rather than discarding them as wastes. In reusing material or changing material into new materials rather than throwing it away the environment as well as we benefit from it.

Why Is Recycling Important?

Some benefits include: saving energy, saving land space, saving money, creating new jobs, reducing air and water pollution and preserving habitat for wildlife. That’s why recycling is important and you should take a closer look at your life and how your recycle materials used in your daily life.

Saves Energy

It takes less energy to process recycled materials than it does to use virgin materials. For example, it takes less energy to recycle paper from waste material than it does to create paper from new woodland, because there is no longer a need to cut down a new tree, process the wood from the tree and make it into paper.

What is so important about saving energy through recycling? Energy from non-renewable resources is protected and saved for future generations, money is saved when less energy is used (this can also mean more competitively priced goods) and often pollution and emissions are reduced when less energy is used.

For example, production of recycled paper uses 80% less water and 65% less energy, and produces 95% less air pollution than virgin paper production. (I Love A Clean San Diego)

Save Money and Land Space

Recycling reduces trash in landfill sites, which cuts down on the cost of waste disposal and the clearing of more land for new landfills when the current landfills become too full to store any more waste. Recycling is an easy and less expensive alternative to clearing more land for new landfills. For example, composting, recycling kitchen waste and yard waste into compost provides a means of free nutritious soil for gardening. In addition, most waste is not biodegradable. Its stays in the landfills for years to come, just sitting there and piling up with the rest of the trash. Recycling would allow us to reuse the materials over and over again.

Air Pollution and Water Pollution

Decomposing waste often release noxious gases and chemicals as it decomposes at landfill sites. These gas and chemicals create air pollution Air pollution is exactly what it sounds like, polluted air. When the chemicals leach into the groundwater this creates water pollution and our water is contaminated.

In 2000, recycling of solid waste prevented the release of 32.9 million metric tons of carbon equivalent (MMTCE, the unit of measure for greenhouse gases) into the air. (Recycling-Guide)

Imagine how much pollution we could prevent if instead of landfills we had recycling centers. We could breathe cleaner air and drink cleaner water.

Creates Jobs

Recycling in the U.S. is a $236 billion a year industry. More than 56,000 recycling and reuse enterprises employ 1.1 million workers nationwide. (National Recycling Coalition)

If we created more recycling opportunities we would create more jobs and no one would have to loose their jobs either.

Additional Benefits

Recycling also preserves wildlife. When fewer trees are cut down to make virgin material or to make space landfills, habitat for wildlife remains. More habitat for animals means less animal extinction.

Despite what some may say, recycling is important and it can makes a difference. We may not be able to solve our landfill and pollution problems anytime soon, but at least we can help keep them from getting worse.

Try it. It is really simple to do. Start with paper or plastic or both and take them to a recycling bin near your home. You don’t have to drive extra to do it. Combine your recycling errands with others errands you have to do so you don’t waste your time or your gas. For example, if you have to go grocery shopping fill up your car with your box of recyclable paper and dump it at the recycling bin near the store. Many grocery stores now have these bins available. If not ask them to start or participate in your neighborhoods curbside recycling program. If there isn’t one available get one started in your neighborhood.

Here are six upcycling projects that you can enjoy while helping the planet by reducing waste.


  1. eelttam

    It would be great if we remembered to recycle more often, especially with plastic. Next time your at the grocery store bring your own bag instead of using paper or plastic. This link might also give more information about the plastic in our oceans and what we can do about it.


    • Responses to eelttam
      olivia says:
      May 10

      why do we need recycling.

  2. ACCER

    I use my own bags at the grocery store, recycle alum. cans and have gotten my MONTHLY garbage down to one kitchen size bag. I’d like to get it down even further.

    • Responses to ACCER
      TRAcy says:
      October 22

      how did you get your monthly garbage down to just one bag, do you eat at home?? Do you have a compost pile too?

      • 5
        meeh14 says:
        April 21

        if she can u can to just try if u cant do in keep trying
        Recycling is good 4 u and me

    • 6
      cheyeanne says:
      December 14

      That is great because we dont have to use all though bagsss lo

  3. Danyelle Haught

    All this is TURE….

    • Responses to Danyelle Haught
      March 22

      pleaseeeeeeee stop reading ture, its killing my children!THEY ARE BEETLES THEY ARE CRAWLING ON THEIR HEADS!!

    • 9
      Sinthia says:
      December 20

      this is all very true:) i agree with every single one of you!!(:

  4. stav

    i think you are preaching to the converted here. We all know recycling is important… for many people thoughit’s just a case of ’cant be bothered’ Perhaps incentives to make people recycle would have more effect than penalties for those that dont?

  5. Elya

    I think this is a great article and used many facts from this in my school paper. Remember to reduce, reuse, recycle!

    • Responses to Elya
      DESTINI says:
      May 5


  6. Cyn Can

    Hi my name is JC, I am 13years old and i wont to be heard when i say this world is geting worse and worse ever day. If nothing is going to change we the people need to change it. The world needs to change.

    • Responses to Cyn Can
      Diana says:
      March 29

      hey my name is diana i am 13 years old……..this Is Very true…….we need 2 start helping if we want our future 2 be secure

      • 15
        paola says:
        December 12

        thats true

      • 16
        January 18

        I agree that our planet needs to be cleaner. One way is to encouage other people to start recycling. Iamglad I am not the only one who cares for environment.

      • 17
        January 18

        I am glad that some people besides me care about the environment. One way of getting other people started on recycling is to encourage them.I am a 21 year old college student.

        • 18
          THE RECYCLE QUEEN says:
          April 2

          Good for you William, the future is in your hands…lead the way, teach your peers.

          • 19
            Jesus says:
            July 26

            i agree with the sausage, we have to take action before its to late. at the moment global warming kills 64 million babies a year. this is not acceptable.

        • 20
          Lee says:
          July 14

          keep it up

        • 21
          Lee says:
          July 14

          send more ideas

          • 22
            March 17

            Hey, recycling can save a lot of money and help you do your bit for the environment.

      • 23
        jocelyn ponce says:
        September 10

        yeah diana im with you… we better start doing something to help our community… if we dont who knowa what will happen to us in the future:)

      • 24
        akeem says:
        November 30

        I know we do have to start helping out and conserving anything we can

      • 25
        chyna says:
        April 5

        this is very true plan things for our future we need a better earth

  7. stav

    indeed it does JC, and recycling more, is a good place to start the process.

  8. terrance cagle

    it only takes on to make a difference

  9. Kelli

    Save the planet!!!!

  10. school nerd

    save the planet! always reuse thing!!



  12. 31

    Don’t forget that REDUCE and REUSE come before RECYCLE. Recycling is necessary, but it’s not the solution to our problems. We need to first reduce the amount of stuff we buy and reuse things we already have (or use Craigslist or Freecycle to obtain things that have been used by others) before buying new.

    Bringing our own bags, bottles and containers with us will help to cut down on the waste that needs to be recycled in the first place.

    With the bottom dropping out of the recycling market, reducing the amount of waste to be recycled is more important now than ever.

    And don’t forget that plastic recycling is actually downcycling. It’s best to reduce our plastic consumption in the first place!

  13. Suzzi

    recycling not only helps the environment but also us and when we dont recycle it has a negative impact on both

    • Responses to Suzzi
      Deb Says: says:
      March 1

      O boy recycling is sure important.

      Thats true

      I learned lots of infouramation.

      • 34
        akhdgfa says:
        April 21

        wow your cool.

  14. Cameron taylor

    wow. i never knew how important recycling was! thanks!

  15. stav

    Shouting slohgans is all well and good.. but we must all DO things to help. Avoid buying stuff with excess packaging, complain to your local stores if they over use wrappings, if enough of us complain they will do something. Try to walk or use public transport or cycle, rather than using a car. Simple things that make a difference.

    • Responses to stav
      amber says:
      April 13

      do u think we should recycle and y

  16. Am Mr. teshale birhanu from ethiopia

    This is mr Teshale from Ethiopia.Right now am doint on my masters degree being here in ethiopia. as a masters student, i have to do one project which is related to project management course.for this matter i need to do my projects on the title called ” recycling of solid wastes”
    if so i need your help to provide/feed me with enough information how to do the project and use it.

    thanks a lot for your help in advance


  17. JORdYN

    OKKk it is true every one in my class is recycling paper that isnt being used and we saved 4 trees for a foot of paper so RECYCLE

  18. Sexpie

    my school is trying to promote recycling, wish us luck!

    • Responses to Sexpie
      March 30

      I hope it goes well. I started promoting a recycling project a little over a year ago at my church. I am trying promote everyone to particapte, wish me luck too!

  19. Bob

    Are you in 5th grade, is your last name Park?

  20. stavy

    Bob, is that really any of your business? Many of the posters here are indeed young people, looking for info for school assignments etc. Asking people their real names and private info etc is not polite..

    • Responses to stavy
      Bob says:
      February 22

      What’s wrong with YOU?

    • 45
      hannah-mai.coutts says:
      October 28

      i think also what is wrong with you i am going with bob so sucking

  21. jasmine

    All this is ture i think you for recycling

  22. shabiie

    this is an amaaaizing article … and it helped me a lot with my speech of recycling!
    and for all the people who doest think that recyclins is a good activity…..well they are NUTS cause if we dont reecycle we wont live anymore!!
    thanks a lot you reaally help me with my speech

    • Responses to shabiie
      chloe says:
      May 3

      I am doing a speech on recycling. Do you think you could give me some tips please????


  23. Michelle

    She Needs Our Help!

  24. Noah

    I Think Its Really Sad How Some People Just Dont Seem To Care At All About The Earth Or Whats Happening To It. If This Continues All The Beauty Of This World Will Be Gone And None Of It Will Be Left. Its Going To Wither And Die. And We’ll Die Along With It

    • Responses to Noah
      hannah-mai.coutts says:
      October 28

      are you the sister of miley cyrus and i do recycle



  26. mail

    Recyclings good

    • Responses to mail
      john bouston says:
      March 27

      recyclings is awesome and extreme cool.its can save our world

  27. victoriya chernyy

    we need to save our earth let help be recycling

  28. takaja

    thanks for your help

  29. Earth Girl

    I am doing my ROPES project on endangered species!

  30. esperanza

    i think recycle is a good thing for our planet !

  31. esperanza

    save our planet

  32. Caryn

    Recycling IS important..however whats more important is cutting down the amount of things we bring into our homes that NEED recycling.

  33. kernow

    Having restricted space in our standard bin, while being allowed to put out as much as we want in the recycling bins has helped me to reduceour waste significantly.

  34. Marzo

    I’ve always been for recycling but I know I’ve not done my fair share. I’ve been thinking a lot more about my impact on the planet recently though. I’ve stopped using plastic bags and started recycling more paper and such.

  35. taniya scott

    i love tamuario moore

  36. p.gireesh kumar

    we only can change.so every body should take responsibility,then we can change easily


    remember the three R’s—REDUSE REUSE AND (my personal favorite) RECYCLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    HAVE A NICE DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Responses to RECYCLE GIRL
      February 15

      That is right Reduse Reuse and My Fav too is Recycle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. lia

    save our earth now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Dave T.

    I think that recycling should be taught more in elementary schools than it is as our kids are the future of this earth. It is very important that kids learn this while they are young.

  40. Abhi

    use – re-use & recycle !!

  41. Given Grace Santiago

    You all guys have posted about what you did to recycle and how to help our other earth,, guys, don’t be fool,, if you are all recycling that’s a non-sense if you didn’t teach it however to other people,, so start teaching others to recycle so that we can rebuild our life’s cyle.

  42. Earth Girl

    We recycle by putting recyclable stuff into bags tat r reusable!

  43. cathy

    yes recycling is important and the amount of air pollution is horrible bcuz asthma is more common nowadays and some kids like me r majorly affected by! btw im cathy and 14yrs. old

  44. Earth says:

    It is really important to reclycling for our enviroment!!!!!!!!!!! =)

  45. terrirecycles

    95% of everything we use can be recycled. One of my new Favorite shirts is made from recycled Plastic Bottles – it’s great and made by Anvil.

  46. hello123

    recycling is cool!

  47. meshia314

    u all sound like lil geeks

    • Responses to meshia314
      Mathew says:
      May 10

      Ur the geek here! Now how bout u start to actually care about whts going on in the world for once u simpleton!

    • 78
      day day says:
      May 16

      it is important and it is not that hard

  48. Jesss :)

    Youu Bunchh Of Tree Huggers :D

    • Responses to Jesss :)
      mic says:
      April 15

      hi mic

  49. ash

    thanks everyone this helpeedd me with my assignmenttt=D

  50. mariana

    can anyone tell me in their own words why recycling is important? pleasee i really need to write it down for this assignment i got and im out of wordss to say :( xxx

    • Responses to mariana
      March 19

      go ahead call us geeks & tree huggers, the most important thing is that we have a passion for protecting what is OURS – HELLO it belongs to you too…THE PLANET EARTH…if you care about your future and your childrens, childrens future you will become more knowledgable on the subject and take a stand, protect your home..reduce, reuse, recycle..STOP USING PLASTIC BAGS AND WATER BOTTLES first and foremost – stop putting waste into landfills..take the time to do YOUR part..stop being lazy….and have a lovely day

      • 84
        Natalie says:
        June 17

        wow.. some speech

      • 85
        imma star says:
        March 31

        wow some speech but i guess it is true what you said hi five

      • 86
        Mathew says:
        May 10

        Sorry, I use plastic bags at stores, what is wrong with it? They are just bags, and I reuse my bags that I get from the store at home. With mini garbage cans, we use those as the bags.

    • 87
      Mia says:
      March 14

      Recycling is important because it is one of the best ways for you to have a positive impact on the world we live in. We must act fast as the amount of waste we create is increasing all the time.

  51. Stephanie Dyer

    i didnt really care about recycling but ever since we learned a unit on it, it really affected my way of helping and being involved I LOVE RECLCYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Earth Girl

    I luffs recycling and i feel it is importat to the earth when we do.

  53. kah heng

    i think recycling is goooood !!
    recycle now, save our Earth

  54. Kalynn Cutbirth

    I love the idea of recycling just wish it was in the small towned areas

  55. smarty

    every one shut up recyling is stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupid

    • Responses to smarty
      Smarter than Smarty says:
      May 27

      Wow… your name just doesn’t make sense. You call yourself ”Smarty”, but you aren’t smart at all. Recycling is very important and it’s jerks like you who are ruining our Eco-system. Now THAT is stupid.

      • 94
        smarter than smarty #2 says:
        October 28

        now i am going with you. you are really smart sorry i copied your name it is really cool but i am number #2 in the name

  56. Rainey

    Recyling is a smart way o save the enviroment. Call me a tree hugger if you want, but I want to save the earth and the way we live! :)

  57. annie

    RECYCLE IS very important for all of us ok!!!!!

  58. rsu

    u gerks recycling will help us

  59. sam

    jerks recycling is important

    • Responses to sam
      mick says:
      June 10

      no is is not u ass hole

  60. Dave

    I believe that all products that are able to be recycled should be labelled with a brightly coloured recycle symbol/and or message in a prominent place so that consumers will not have any doubts that the product can be recycled and this will spur them to do the right thing.
    Many people do not realize the importance of recycling and do not bother about the impact of waste on the planet. I get annoyed at people throwing newspapers in rubbish bins at my railway station when there is a paper recycling bin on the platform.

  61. faith

    save tha planet everyone so we can live longer

  62. Natalie

    Oh boy Hugging a tree is sooo cool!!!!! i had a protest the other day about not cutting the trees down thanks to this site haha! i want to save all lifing things like humans, animal, trees, plants etc….. i cry wen people stand on ants! or snails or slugs they are my best friends. i also sleep on the grass for fun to see how the animals live. soon i am going to dig myself a hole and live there for a month. Oh yes GO FISHING ITS SOO CRUEL :( i set myself off crying now! PLZ DO NOT KILL LIVING THINGS HAHA

  63. Gina


  64. Sausage Sizzle

    Yea dudes, we need to contribute to this earth. If we bring our hands together, and fight as one, we will succeed. Good job dudes, our victory is near!

  65. Brett

    As good as this all sounds, how much energy will I save with these crapsack lightbulbs when the nearest place to recycle them is 75 miles away? Maybe people should think about what imposing these on us is actually going to do. Ooh I want all of that mercury in my backyard. Which is where it will end up considering I can’t imagine anyone driving that far to throw lightbulbs out. And it is the only option we’ll have. But nowhere to recycle them. Not to mention who would want to risk on busting one busting in the car on the drive. It is so easy to forget about rural communities and the fact that these things impact us differently.

  66. Jessiah

    you guys are children cursing to eachother and retards saying recycling isnt important. haha too funny, recycling saves our earth just because you are not personally affected means nothing global warming is killing our planet and say what you please im 21 and maybe ur too young to understand that recycling isnt important but it is. this message doesnt pertain to those for recycling just to the ignorant ones who do not realize the effects of not recycling .

  67. Donna

    yes recycling is one of very important thing to do.It is a one way on how we can save our mother earth!!And it can be use to our next generation…and we all do hope that people all know on how to recycle..Because all we know that some people also the one who destroy our Good environment!So stop doing this kind of habit let us join us to save our “MOTHER EARTH”

  68. sangeetha setharam

    it,s really important to recycle because creating new thinga are sometimes HARMFUL!!!

  69. vastz

    if we cannot carry out recycling….our mother earth will become rubbish planet…

  70. Zay Zay

    We are going to be just like the people in “WALL-E”. They were so wasteful and they got stuck in a toxic waste land full of trash. Its really qiute horrible if you ask me. We believe we can just leave trash anywhere and everywhere we want and its quite repulsive.

  71. Anderson Change Squad!

    Dear Environmental Organization,

    As the years go by, we watch as our earth falls into deeper despair, and we have decided to change the way our world is affected. In seventh grade science, we have been assigned to create an Environmental Day project that helps to put one step towards fixing the earth. We want to inform our audience about the problems that have been created, and the way that we can fix them. We are focusing on pollution in the ocean, recycling, energy usage, and natural resources. We will be putting together a fun, and enlightening program that is designed to inform and entertain our young and older audiences. We would really appreciate if you could send us 350 brochures about what your efforts are to change the world, so we could hand them out to other people to our school; to help them realize and learn more about our earth and the decisions we make that have affected it. If you can’t send that many, any amount would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

    The Anderson Change Squad

  72. Mathew

    Will someone tell me why some people find it hard to recycle? Its just putting it in a recycling bin, what is so hard about that? Not recycling is like pooing on a hill. To the people that think recycling is dumb, are you guys depressed or something? Emo? something like that? Why would you want to die you stupid little kids! I am only 14 and I already know this!

    • Responses to Mathew
      William Schrader says:
      May 17

      Some people think it cost to much money to recycle. We need to think about the future generations that are to follow after us.

  73. day day

    everybody should be recycling it is important for the earth and the animals

  74. crystal belle

    reuse reduce recycle is the best method in the world, to save to world:-)

  75. dingding

    y is worrying bout recycling some ppl do and don’t care bout reccling u can’t force ppl to doit unless they wanna if u know wat i mean, me an my mate r 13 an we sometimes recyl(if we remember), but i wish 4 ppl to recyl so da world would be green an healthy :)

  76. Nikki Noodlepop

    I love recycling and so should every one else
    if you think ohh recycling is so boring well you thought wrong. if you are bored and have nothing to do get a milk bottle and some other stuff and use your imagination to create anything you like for eg. a rocket a really tall house.

  77. puggies 101

    GO RENEWABLE RESOURCES. We need to save the nonrenewble ones. So many peeps rely on it. :(

  78. puggies 101

    If we <3 our world lets protect it!!!!! Go Green or Go to Jupiter! ;0

  79. Bushra Burco

    I really like recycling it is verey important for all of us.

  80. Eva Lora

    save energy..

  81. Jose Flores

    I recycle… you should also…

    • Responses to Jose Flores
      Traviesavane Hernandez says:
      May 24

      nice i do too (recycle is good ) because helps are world to be clean

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  83. Kyoko Shelly
  84. Stephanie Ihaveacouponforthat Bailey

    to all those who commented about incentives to recycle….here are some: if you keep using all the natural resources, we soon will run out. try to imagine what it will be like to live in a pile of garbage or have air an water that will kill you.
    For a tangible incentive though….go to https://rcycle.it/gns98 (recyclebank.com), register and find ways to reduce, reuse and recycle. You earn points that can be traded in AND, for those whose cities participate, you can earn points for recycling at home (search home recycling to learn more).

  85. Latoya Smith

    Great post. Over the years I’ve ordered dozens of catalogs that were printed with less than expected quality, some being downright scrappy. A couple months ago my company in Hobe Sound FL, printed some catalogs with PCA Delta and they were great. I’ve been printing with them ever since. They show care for the environment by using soy based inks, plus recycled papers are available upon request. If you need items printed on recycled paper go to http://www.pcadeltaprinting.com/ I strongly recommend them.

  86. Responses to Latoya Smith
    sasha says:
    May 21

    I totally agree with you let me just chang up a few words in it like Lily is horrible stupid and smelly

  87. What do you have to say?