London Olympics Prove To Be Most Environmentally Friendly

August 12th, 2012 BY VeganVerve | No Comments
2012 london games

Unlike the majority of Olympics preceding it, the 2012 Olympic Games in London are making a point to focus on the environment. The work which goes into creating an Olympics is immense, such as the amount of building which generally goes into the games and the transportation involved. In addition, the number of people attending the games increases the carbon footprint significantly.

So for the 2012 games, officials aimed to drastically reduce the carbon footprint of the games. The organizers of the 2012 London games released a report detailing the progress made to include the environment in their decision making back in early 2011. Five aspects the organizers have taken a great effort to include in the planning include climate change, waste, biodiversity, inclusion and healthy living.

Now as the Olympics come to a conclusion, the Commission for a Sustainable London 2012 for the games released data detailing how the city performed. According to the commission, the London Olympics are officially the most environmentally friendly, or greenest, to date.

London proved extremely successful especially in the public transportation sector. Public transportation was to be an emphasis like never before at an Olympics and reports indicate that the infrastructure in place for the Olympics proved successful. The chairman for the aforementioned Sustainable London commission, Shaun McCarthy, indicated that London should be considered the first public transport Olympics.

In addition, London 2012 appears to have succeeded in reducing environmental damage and carbon emissions through construction. The London Olympics succeeded through using many already existing buildings for events, as well as many temporary sites. Buildings which were built, including Olympic Stadium, were built using at least twenty-five percent recycled materials.

In addition, regions of London were revived through programs and construction in the regions, including the Olympic Park area. The commission indicated many regions were improved in such a way to provide areas for wildlife as well.

Overall, the London Olympics reduced the environmental impact of the games, especially in terms of transportation and construction, according to the commission. Commission chairman McCarthy stated: “London’s sustainable Games have been a massive success but like the best sports teams there is a need to continuously improve. I wish the IOC and future host cities success in proving they can do better.”

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