New Offshore Wind Proposals For Rhode Island

September 24th, 2011 BY VeganVerve | No Comments

Launching offshore wind development has been a slow-going process in the United States. While other countries continued to add to their already well-established offshore wind farms, the United States has struggled with governmental reviews and court cases. As of this year, it finally appears that the U.S. might begin making significant strides in offshore wind.

After years of struggle with the proposals for a wind farm in Massachusetts it finally appears as though the farm will come to fruition. Other states along the eastern seaboard have also been working to establish themselves in the offshore wind industry, many attempting to be the first official offshore wind farm in the country.

Despite slowdowns in establishing offshore wind, companies have not stopped proposing new sites. One company continuing to look for and propose new offshore wind locations is Deepwater Wind. Their newest endeavor is in Rhode Island, where the company is currently testing for locations for a wind farm off of Block Island.

Currently the company is surveying the sea floor in order to determine the best locations for installing wind turbines. The company is proposing to build a 30 megawatt wind farm off the coast of Block Island by sometime next year. When such a proposal may in fact me accepted is not known, although the Obama Administration has pushed for quicker reviews of renewable energy proposals.

In addition to the initial 30 megawatt offshore wind farm near Block Island, Deepwater Wind is also hoping to build a 1,000 megawatt wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island. When this proposal will be complete is yet unknown.

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