Cell Phones – Environment – Recycling

February 24th, 2013 BY Prav | 3 Comments

In today’s day and age, its hard to imagine a life without a cell phone. All of us have one and some of us even have two or three. Moreover the cell phone market is constantly being upgraded and updated and each day there are newer models being introduced which have more features and claim better service. So, what happens when we see all these new updated models of updated cell phones, ditch the old for the new. Ask any businessman, how many times they’ve changed their model of cell phone, and don’t be surprised when the number is a big one.

The lifespan of a cell phone in the US, is around 18 months, give or take. Even if they are in working condition, after some time people get bored with the cell phones they have, and want to go in for newer, flashier ones. And they do.

So, the burning question is what happens to our old cell phones. While some people do tend to give it to their parents or family, others just plain dump it in the thrash. Now hold on a sec, isn’t that harmful? Yes, it’s toxic nightmare, given that majority of the old, dumped cell phones in America, land up in landfills.

What are the toxins that are released with your cell phone? Lead, arsenic, mercury, barium, selenium, PVC or polyvinyl chloride, chromium amongst others.

What happens is, when these cell phones are lying in landfills, the chemicals released get into the soil, as well as the ground water. Moreover a number of these toxic compounds are bioaccumulative, which means that they build up in the fatty tissues of living things and then are in concentrated form at the topmost portion of the food chain.

So, how can you avoid this? Recycling your cell phone is easier than you imagined, moreover there are plenty of options available these days, considering the number of cell phones that are recycled. You can give them to charities, thus giving someone else a chance to reuse your old phone. This will also be appreciated, as many people long to have a cell phone but are not able to afford one. You can also have them refurbished. This means that are worked on and then resold. You can also search for places that recycle these cell phones.

Recycling your cell phone is beneficial in a number of ways – financially, environmentally and personally (donating your old one to a charity). So, before you dump your old cell phone in the thrash, think again!

  1. greenplanet

    Very good idea.. We all should live a green life.

  2. mollyL

    Creative ways to keep cel phones out of the landfill are an example of the forward-thinking that green awareness engenders. To sell or to contribute; both measures save our soil and groundwater.

  3. Roguegal

    I knew most things could be recycled, but I never knew you could recycle a cell phone. Now that I know you can recycle a cell phone I will look into it. I am one of those people who eventually upgraded to a newer cell phone and I still have my old phone which does work. I was even given a couple of other cell phones that I cannot charge. Now, I know what I can do with them. I can recycle them in one way or another. This article was very enlightening, thank you.

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