How Do Your Plants Grow?

July 24th, 2008 BY Gloria Campos | 23 Comments

Plants are amazing. Wiki describes plants as a “major group of life forms and include familiar organisms such as trees, herbs, bushes, grasses, vines, ferns, mosses, and green algae. About 350,000 species of plants, defined as seed plants, bryophytes, ferns and fern allies, are estimated to exist currently.”

If I asked you how plants grew, you would probably tell me “with sunlight, water and soil”. Right? For the most part you would be right, but what about those plants that don’t require soil to grow just water or plants that can survive weeks without water, or how about plants that survive better in the shade than in the sunlight? Plants are as versatile in their growth as in their needs to grow. So, to know how a plant grows you must first learn what type of plant you have and what it needs to grow.

A good method to find out what kind of plant(s) you have is to take your plant or a picture of it to your local botanical garden and ask a gardener what it is and how to care for it or you can also go to the library and check out library books about plant identification. Once you find out what type of plant you have and what kind of care it needs to grow, label it with all this information so that you can care for it properly.

In the meantime here are the growth basics for the average plant:
It begins with a seed. The seed needs water to germinate. The seed begins to grow as the cells within the seed begin to multiply. In a few days (some plants seeds can take weeks) a seedling emerges from the ground. The taproot and the root hairs grow below the ground. Root hairs are cells that take water to the main root. When the main root receives the water it brings the water to the main plant. Roots are also important because they help keep the plant planted firmly in the ground.

Plants can’t move. So to reproduce they depend on elements like wind, rain, insects, animals, and yes even fire to help them along. Ovum and pollen fertilization produces a seed that creates a new plant. When the plant reaches maturity it is able to reproduce. Different types of plants mature at different rates. While some make take weeks or months, some take years.

There are a variety of ways a plant can reproduce. Some plants have both male pollen and female parts of the flower or are a separate male and female plant that are near each other. Pollen from these plants is carried by the wind, or by insects to fertilize the female parts of the plant. Once fertilized, a cone or seed is produced that is capable of creating a new plant.

But the above is not the only way a plant can reproduce according to Love To Know. They can also reproduce by:
a) Splicing two plants together- such as a Red Delicious apple with a rare apple variety
b) Runners or Stolons- as seen on the strawberry plant
c) Adventitious buds – such as those seen on the trunks of trees that have been cut down
d) Suckers- as seen on Elm trees, tomatoes and roses
e) Bulbs – plants like the onion, garlic and tulips reproduce by forming new bulbs
f) Corms – glads and crocuses reproduce by forming new corms
g) Tubers – similar to bulbs, the dahlia and potato reproduce more tubers

Take a look at your plants. What kind do you have? If you’re interested in kids crafts and educational material to teach your kids how plants grow? Click here and here and here.

  1. flowerhorn08

    All the plants that I have would perish if they didn’t get any sunlight and water. I just wish I can find something to dispense water to them while I am away for a long holiday as the last time when I am on such outing, all of them died.

    • Responses to flowerhorn08
      jessa says:
      July 8

      well you can leave it out of your backyard where it can be hit by the ray of the sun and rain

  2. guila


    • Responses to guila
      michelles says:
      December 7

      do you like plants and why s much you say hi

  3. ACCER

    I often take a photo of a plant and post it online. I did that last summer and within a day I had identified my plant and knew how to best care for it. I love to garden and it had bugged me.

  4. stav

    I’m ot good with plants.. i neglect them. My green fingered mum is always bringing me things andthen getting annoyed when they drop dead…

    I am doing well with a tiny money tree my little nephew brought me though. It’s lasted nearly 2 years! I think it is because he was only 7, and picked it himself, and asks me every time i see him, how it’s doing. How could i let it die?

  5. tater03

    I am terrible with plants also. I always start out good but then before I know it I am forgetting to water them. I need plants that don’t take a lot of water.

  6. stav

    tater03, you could try cactus heheh! I’ve found that i remember to water the plant that is sitting on the window sill above my kitchen sink.. Maybe you couold try that!

    • Responses to stav
      LUIS says:
      February 16

      THAT YOU

  7. h powis

    I have a climbing ivy plant that is shriviling up in December.
    Should I allow it to rest throughout the winter months or should I continue to allow it to grow?

  8. stav

    erm.. how will you stop it growing if it is not dead H Powis? Unless you intend to commit planticide..

  9. Scott

    Well Stav, look at it this way, as we did for years with parakeets, you can always replace it with something that looks the same :)

  10. lilll

    i know how my plants grow.

    • Responses to lilll
      April 20

      I want to know how your plants grow?, can you explain?

  11. Nicholas Allen Swiney

    Plants are unique and with the conditions in which particular plants may survive and prosper is idealisticly amazing!!!!!!

  12. kirby

    how do speical plants grow

  13. Mina Jess

    hey, we’re doing a project in school where we’re seen which vitamins when added, and maybe some protiens too, grow fastest. but we’re looking for information on the chemical reactions and vitamins needed for plants to grow. any advice?

    • Responses to Mina Jess
      raj says:
      February 24

      hi have a an any idea to grow the crops on the roof of any bulding plz send me soon as possible. thanks

  14. luis

    why are these pebble sized green balls in my plant soil

  15. Connor LaJoice

    Why are some plants so green? And I say hello

  16. growing tomatoes in pots

    I’m getting ready to start my tomato plants from seed for this year and have a question concerning the tomato blight we had last year. I had good tomatoes at the beginning of the season, but the blight killed all of my later ones. Is there anything I can do to keep that from happening again?

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