Primate Numbers Fall

April 21st, 2014 BY Katie Rawls | No Comments

The world of primates is shrinking before our very eyes. A new report says that almost one third of all primates are included on the endangered species list. And as world changes continue, the population could continue to dwindle.

The Cause

Causes of why these primates are dying off are simple. First, natural forests are being wiped out, leaving these animals without a place to live. Primates are losing their habitats due to the needs of the surrounding humans for agriculture and logging. Asia, Africa, and South America lead the endangered species list with 25 of the most endangered coming from these areas.

Another cause is the selling of meat for food. These animals are on the food list for many people living in these areas. This turns primates into something like cattle, only not domesticated and bred for the purpose, so that numbers do not come back once they are taken.

Illegal wildlife trading is a cause for numbers to decrease as well. People wanting these animals as pets go for a pretty penny, and then populations of these animals are torn from the wild and put into human settings. And these settings do not guarantee the proper care of such exotic creatures.

New Species

Two new species discovered in the last few years have been placed on the endangered lists also. These animals were discovered in Indonesia and Tanzania. It is a concern to the science community to see a species that is new in discovery heading towards extinction before learning can take place.

Good News

On a good note, nine primate species were removed from the endangered list that came out in 2004. This is because of the hard work and dedication given in preserving these animal lines and bringing their populations back from harmfully low numbers.

This gives hope to those that work so hard to keep these creatures on the planet for future generations to learn from and enjoy. This is an encouragement and proof that when action is taken, it makes a difference.

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