Wattzon.com: We, Our Lifestyle, And The Metrics Behind Climate Change

January 15th, 2013 BY Saikat | No Comments

As words like ‘carbon footprint’ and ‘climate change’ get bandied about, you might have wondered  – How do I calculate my individual effect on the environment? By our actions we leave a carbon footprint and the cumulative effect of us all is effecting climate change. While the focus is on the mass scale of population and pollution, we even as a solitary unit are active contributors to climate change. A greater awareness of our own energy consumption will be the first step to reduce it.

WattzOn is a free website which helps us measure the energy consumed by us over the course of our normal activities. Beyond this self knowledge, WattzOn also seeks to collate this data and draw a universal picture to understand energy use better. WattzOn thus allows us on an individual level make a contribution to the understanding of energy consumption and its related fallout on climate change.

The proces is straightfoward. A free signup takes us to the the relevant sections which mirror our activities. Each user starts with a default value of 6,797 Watts. The six sections (Government, Flying, Commuting, Housing, Food, Stuff) cover simple questions concerning our day to day activities; from place of stay to goods purchased. The watts consumed are totalled up as we progress through the sections. if you are empirically inclined and would like to know the mathematics behind the calculations, a prominent ‘Tell me more’ link takes you behind the scenes. The totalled up figure gives you an estimate of your personal load on the planet.

The site has some interesting sidetracks. For instance, I could play along with the figures just to see how increasing (or decreasing) my diet has an outcome on the energy consumed. The ‘Stuff’ section dfor instance equates things like the number of books owned to the energy changes.

In the end, the results come out as a pie chart. And if you want to go head up with other energy consumers, a click takes you to the page graphically comparing your energy consumed with things like CO2 inflated balloons or oil barrels. These neat little graphics make for easy understanding…but really crease your conscience!

By opening up this website to the universal public, the think tank behind the effort are looking to educate as well as elucidate information on the strong link between lifestyle decisions and climate change.

Go over to WattzOnn.com and get your ‘energy reading’.

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