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February 25, 2007 at 11:47 pm

February 25, 2007 at 11:47 pm

A new company with almost 1 Billion in funding will be announcing the availability of no-cost solar electric systems for homeowners in 41 states that have passed reverse metering laws for utilities.
They have a unique marketing plan that will actually let homeowners rent these systems like cell phones and satellite dish systems. The company will engineer, install and maintain a $20,000 to $30,000 system at no cost to the homeowner as long as the homeowner agrees to buy power generated from the solar system while it is operational. When the system is not generating power the customer gets power from the local utility.
The home owner gets several advantages:
They can guarantee their electric rate from 1 to 25 years. The rate will be based on the rate the local power company charges when they sign for the installed system. If they sign a 25 year contract their rate from the solar electric company will not increase for 25 years. if they sign for 5 years the rate will not change for 5 years.
The second advantage is they can also zero cost their solar electric bill by referring other customers to the company. For each customer referred and installed they will receive a 5% discount. Get 20 neighbors to sign up and the electric bill from the solar power company will be zero.
The third advantage is that the system lease may be transfered to the new homeowner. This could be a great resale advantage because of the electric rate cap.
Lastly this helps all of us because it eliminates tons of emissions from going into the air, eliminates the need for expensive new power plants and provides us with a terror risk back up plan.
Let’s say a terrorist group destroyed or damaged a local areas power plant. This would devastate the area for years due to the lack of power.
If enough homes had solar electric systems installed en-ouch power could reach the local grid to keep essential services running until the plant was repaired or replaced.
This would also work in a natural disaster where the solar systems surviving the storm could produce power for pumps, drinking water, heat, and food storage during the day.
I understand that the plant will be coming on line in early Sept of this year and that the company intends to produce 100,000 systems per year per plant. Reservations are being taken now to be put on the early customer list. First come first served. There is no cost to place a home on the reservation list.
The company plans a press release soon due to the plant groundbreaking schedule.
According to the rep I talked to, companies that are already installing solar systems will be trained and certified by the company to do the installations , maintenance and commercial sites. I also understand that the raw materials needed for production have already been contracted for so that there will not be a shortage of raw materials for manufacturing.
The company is currently signing up US reps to handle customer reservations and inquiries. Anyone interested in knowing more information can contact me at [EMAIL=””][/EMAIL] or call me at 334-803-0233. I put the companies web site in my signature so you can watch the movie. It also has a calculator on the site to show you how much pollution will be saved if you installed the system on your home.
I hope this doesn’t get rejected as an ad because there is nothing to buy at this point. The only thing you can do is register to be contacted when the company is ready. The registration is free and there is no obligation.
I understand that some areas that offer reverse metering will not qualify because the cost of power in those areas is already to low to be profitable to the company. The other problem is that the company has not been able to identify every small electric utility to be in the database.
I am really disappointed that my state, Alabama, cannot participate at this time because it is one of the 11 states that have not adopted the reverse metering laws so that green power systems can be cost effective through reverse metering.
I hope everyone in non-reverse metering states will contact their representatives and get this law passed so that all of us can qualify for green power systems.
I believe that if this model is successful it will be applied to other green power technologies making us energy independent.
The only thing holding back green technologies so far is the cost. Now it looks like that is going to be solved.
Of course there are other issues like zoning, home owner associations, power company cooperation and the adoption of solar panel array esthetic’s on residential homes.
Looks like solar is actually here and now it’s our turn to adopt this technology so that there is demand for alternative green power systems so that we can all live a cleaner healthier life.
I look forward to comments of this financial model and the feasibility of the adoption of these systems in the US market.

February 26, 2007 at 1:31 am

Too bad it’s not in the Canadian market. That would be very nice.

February 26, 2007 at 5:32 am

Remarketer, sorry to hear that your state is not adopting this yet. Is your state considered a fairly green one or is it starting to turn green?

I agree horselover…wish we had something like that here.

February 26, 2007 at 2:04 pm

I agree… I think Canada would be a perfect test place to launch… there is a lot bigger % of the public who are green friendly.

Simon Wareing
March 6, 2007 at 8:46 pm

sounds good but…. I thought the gas and hydro remarketers that showed up at my door had represented a “good” deal until I crunched the numbers and found that there was no real saving at the end of the plan and my own research indicated that the hydro was not going to be allowed to reach the actual 13 cent cost not reflected in the rates at the time which were 4.5 and 5.0 cents over 1000 kwh. The remarketer declared the price would reach the actual according to their research within the 5 years. 3 years left and I’m right so far, for not signing up at 9.9 centswhen I pay half that still. So much for Dink Dalton Mc Cheeseball’s campaign promise of no increase. What you read on the lips was not spoken through his shifty eyes. His speech was typically more reminiscent of the south bound offerings of a north bound moose. ” We didn’t know then what we know now” Riiiiiggght

Here’s my issue- Hydro is subsidised and I think it should be free. Notwithstanding. No hydro in Canada and the northern US and you are a human popsicle or hypothermic half the year without it. regardless; we pay and fear to lose it.

This solar plan proposes to charge a rate equivalent to the current hydro rate yet that rate reflects a subsidized cost of generation in Canada(13 cents; 6.5 charged) and solar does not cost the same to generate as hydro and it’s based on the cost of the unit and maintenance. Like remarketing on fuel, ngas and hydro; are the savings real or marketing.

Got numbers??anyone

perhaps it’s worth just buying it and paying a serviceman. what much can go wrong? like any other appliance. I already maintain a septic system and a water pump on a 325 foot well. Furnace becomes a woodstove in a blink. One more step and I’m free. for a price! I guess it always comes down to what is “convenient” to afford. I can agree that it sounds honestly like a decent idea to get folks on the go since the question of who will afford to go solar unless there are programs for assistance. On that count I give the idea 4 stars and apparently, so do their financiers.


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