Amazon Rain Forest Lacking Rain

February 5th, 2013 BY Craig Baird | No Comments

For decades, we have been told from a young age that it is important that we protect the Amazon Rain Forest and do not let it disappear. We have been told about the clear cutting of the forest for cattle pasture and the destruction of specie habitats. Many of us have heeded that warning and progress has been made to slow the cutting down of the rain forest. In fact, recent years have shown that the rain forest has begun to recover in some areas, showing many of us that when humans get together for a common cause, it can create great things.

Sadly, it looks like it may have been for nothing. While we have worked hard to save the rain forest from being chopped down, another human environmental calamity has reared its ugly head. Global warming may be claiming yet another victim; the Amazon Rain forest. This time, there may not be much that we can do to stop it.

According to recent studies, the rainfall in the Amazon is going to slow during the 21st century. This means that the forest is going to change from a rain forest to a seasonal forest. For most, that may not seem like a bad change, but it can mean the extinction of thousands of species throughout the forest as a result. Rainfall is going to diminish enough so that there will be significant differences in the seasons, enough to create wet and dry seasons in an area that is usually always wet. Less rainfall means more droughts, but the forest would be more drought resistant because of the type of forest that would grow. However, the forest would be greatly at risk for fire.

There is good news, and that is the Amazon will not turn into grassland anytime soon. Previous estimates theorized that this would happen due to global warming, but new research states that it is far more likely that the Amazon rain forest would turn into a season forest.

It would seem that no matter what humans due, the Amazon pays the price. Until we can accept our place on the Earth and stop changing the eco-systems that have been balanced for millions of years, more than just the rain forest will be lost.

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