Clean Energy Storage In Microbes?

December 29th, 2012 BY Craig Baird | No Comments

Batteries are not environmentally friendly. They contain many bad chemicals that when improperly disposed of leach into our ground systems and pollute our environment. However, we so extensively use batteries in our civilization that there seems to be no alternative. What would we do if we had no batteries in our remotes?? We would have to get up and turn the channel on the TV!

Well, news is coming out about a microbial culture that can be used to stockpile power from solar and wind installations. While these microbes would primarily be used for storing energy for homes on cloudy and non-windy days rather than becoming AAA batteries, it represents a good step forward for clean energy. One of the biggest criticisms of renewable energy is that you only get solar energy when it is sunny and wind energy when it is windy. With a clean storage device like these microbes, it can can be stored in a green way. The surplus power goes to the microbes who combine it with CO2 to create methane. This is stored and burned then when it is needed in the home. What makes this so sustainable is that the microbes take it from the atmosphere rather than releasing it as coal and oil do.

The microbes have a very high efficiency as well. Roughly 80 percent of the the methane energy can be recovered from the microbes, which represents a lot of efficiency when compared with other conventional energy generation methods.

Researchers have stated that this technology is not hard to implement and could easily be implemented into commercial applications. While many may complain that the method releases methane into the atmosphere to create energy for homes and offices, it draws that energy back when it absorbs CO2, thereby making the entire process carbon neutral and far better than fossil fuels.

A truly innovative method of storing energy that may just change the world of energy for all of us, and create a greener future for our children. The homes of the future may have solar power, wind power and microbial batteries that store the energy, truly amazing to think about.

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