NY To Install Compost Toilet Complex In Park

January 2nd, 2013 BY VeganVerve | No Comments
riverside park ny

The array of possibilities when it comes to changes to make the world greener are vast. Businesses to individuals to governments are attempting to transition to a greener lifestyle. These changes often include the very basics of life, such as the necessity of toilets.

While it might not be the first to ever be installed, New Yorkers are excited to hear that they may soon have a composting toilet complex in Riverside Park. This would be the first compost toilet built in a public park in New York. Other compost toilets, some of which are found elsewhere in the city, often attract attention and are tools to educate the public about greener living.

This particular compost toilet complex is considered vital to the area near the Hudson River due to users of the park currently having to rely upon portable toilets. A regular toilet system is said to not work in the area due to the area being so close to the river and the area being far from current sewer systems.

The complex will also include other environmentally friendly aspects as well. The building will be made using recycled materials and the roof of the complex will also have plants installed on the roof. Solar panels are expected to be used to power the entire complex.

If all goes as planned the complex will be in use by sometime in the summer of 2012. The building is expected to meet U.S. Green Building Council standards.

New Yorkers are extremely open to the idea of compost toilets in the parks. This is in part due to the dislike of portable toilets, which is extremely common. Robin Noble-Zolin, a proponent of the compost complex, stated: “We’re in a public park. What’s better than to try to build the greenest building possible as an example to everyone?”

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